Pregnant women’s sexy underwear makes you shine

With the continuous improvement of living standards, pregnant women not only demand health during pregnancy but also pay more and more attention to beauty during pregnancy. At present, there is a group of sexy pregnant mothers performing their pregnancy charm at New York Lingerie Fashion Week.
According to the website of the British “Daily Mail”, traditional maternity underwear is usually far from sexy due to the old-fashioned shape and boring design. However, the 2014 Spring/Summer New York Lingerie Fashion Week has completely changed people. Views on maternity clothes.

Uyo Okebie Eichelberger, the founder, and president of Lingerie said that expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers used to have difficulty experiencing sexy lingerie firsthand, so the company aims to create the unique confidence and beauty of pregnant women.

When you see a pregnant model with a big belly stepping on 5 cm pink high heels, wearing a variety of bright color bikinis, and a cotton lining with a variety of bow knots standing on the runway, showing her beauty confidently and sexy, you must Unexpectedly, maternity underwear can also be so sexy and sultry.

Whether it is sexy or beautiful, our fashion designers just want more pregnant mothers to enjoy their own confidence during pregnancy.

Here I will introduce you to the sex doll. The TPE material makes the hand feel closer to real human skin and contains a metal skeleton, which makes joint movement very flexible.