This girl opened the coolest female adult products store on the entire network

Generally speaking, it is quite rare for sex shops to look fashionable and advanced.
The sex shop in my impression looks like this: a few ugly plastic mannequins stand in a corner of the underground shop. They wear exaggerated wigs, black and red lace bras with ruffles, standard props are BDSM supplies, low-quality leather jackets, and doors decorated with neon lights, which look like old movies from the last century The girls who walked out were either betrayed in hue or considered too alternative.

The good news is that when women try to save this aesthetically worrying phenomenon, things start to be different.
A global industry trend forecasting company called JWT predicted in the 2017 report: “Pelvic muscle exercise”, “Vulva maintenance” and “G-spot stimulation”. The popularity of these words in the past year is a signal and indicates This year will be a year when “V Road Comfort” is popular.
“Although it has always been taboo to talk about women’s V-channel and genitals publicly. The rise of the fourth wave of feminism has inspired women as never before. Whether or not it is related to other topics, such as health, sex, masturbation, and even Its happiness.” Lucie Greene, JWT’s global creative director, said in the report.

Par Femme is part of this wave. Par femme comes from French, and it translates into two meanings-created by women and created for women. This is an online sex shop headquartered in Australia and officially opened in the second half of 2016. Founder Ruby Heery and her partner Monica Nakata wanted to present a delightful fashion that subverts tradition.
Broadsheet commented that Par femme is an “online/physical store founded by a duo of fashion magazines”, and it is true. The two were born in Oyster, a local magazine in Australia-Monica is the co-founder and former publisher of the magazine, and Rudy is a former fashion editor and stylist.
After graduating from Sydney’s Pimpel Girls’ College, Monica Nakata and Jonathan Morris founded this magazine, which is known for its avant-garde style and advertises popular culture, in 1994 to showcase the latest photographers and young hipsters from all over the world. works. Ruby majored in art theory and art history at the University of New South Wales School of Art. You can also find her beauty video on In Her Bathroom on Youtube.
Par Femme sprouted from Ruby’s interests and proposals. She has always been interested in the concept of “female” and wants to explore how to capture visual images that can show women’s sexiness and desire without time constraints.
In the beginning, Ruby created a homepage on Instagram to show women’s bodies. This became an opportunity for two people to meet. “One day I happened to see Monica while I was working. When I showed my work to her When I saw the light shining in her eyes, we fell in love at that moment.” Later, Ruby proposed not only to take pictures but also to open a cool sex shop with Monica to transform the status quo of sex shops that are not sexy.

This store offers a new sexy mix-and-match experience: it not only sells lingerie, erotic books, jewelry, and tactile sex toys but also publishes some interviews and articles about the positive energy of the body, such as “The History of Female Orgasm “, “YSL’s Barbie Baby Perfume” and “Take “Clio Love Balls” to the Wedding” etc.
In an interview with Vogue, Ruby said, “We wanted to build our own production line a long time ago.” Whether it’s fashion or eroticism, these are all ways women express themselves, and they are of profound significance to people’s spiritual level. We all desire beauty, we are pursuing happiness and want to live our own way. Then, both fashion and eroticism call for a new kind of change. “
Here, you can find many orphans: Aimee-Cherie’s favorite items, Holly Ryan’s Art Deco jewelry, Double Disco double hoop earrings, and Perlesque’s fashionable and exquisite violet sex toys. Monica and Rudy also launched their own designs and series of jewelry under the name of Par Femme.

The definition of Par Femme can be multi-dimensional, but the essence is to serve women. “Empowerment and self-expression are our core concepts, so we put a lot of effort into our products. We hope that all women can discover the sexy in their own bones, explore their desires and interests… These are in our store You can find the answer here,” Ruby said. “It is especially valuable for us to share such a value that promotes female self-confidence with like-minded women.”
Is there anything wrong with black lace corsets that like high street styles? Someone asked them.
“Most sex shops are a little too exaggerated and even daunting. On the contrary, we want to overcome these stereotypes. Comfortable white cotton products can be as sexy as black lace.”

Maybe you need a mini sex doll to accompany you!