Selling a smart inflatable doll for $53,800

The British “Daily Mail” reported that recently, photographer Robert Benson led people through his lens to visit Abyss Creations in San Diego, USA, which is famous for its specialized production tools.

At present, the price of inflatable dolls produced by the company is as high as US$6,500, and the privately-made models cost US$12,000.
In the 1980s, the first inflatable doll factory was built in Japan. At that time, plastic was the main production material. Later, the production material was replaced with high-end silicone, the purpose is to feel more real, the inflatable doll itself will become more flexible and flexible.

Due to the flexibility of production materials, customers can also change the face of inflatable dolls according to their own preferences. The production of this factory can be said to have reached a high degree of customization. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is applied to inflatable dolls. In the process of use, inflatable dolls can respond autonomously to stimulate users’ sexual interest. The production cycle of each inflatable doll is about 80 hours, and some details need to be completed by hand.

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