Solving female family problems with network remote sex toys

As the concept of smart devices has become more and more popular, entrepreneurs from the celestial dynasty have stepped forward to devote themselves to the entrepreneurial wave of wearable smart devices. However, in addition to traditional sports bracelets, smart scales, and smart homes, are there other novel products? The answer is yes. Today, the author will take you to see which smart devices targeting the female market segment have their own gameplay:

   Dawid, the founder of X-power, their team’s current main product is voice-activated waterproof female orgasm temperature detection, network remote vibrator, listening to the name is not bad, what kind of entrepreneurial experience they have, the following is Dawid’s sharing:

   Let me talk about a series of family problems currently faced by women:

   1. Visual fatigue.

Wife is always the good of other people’s family! Why can women spend money on beauty and weight loss, of course, for beauty, what is the purpose of beauty? To make their men love themselves more! But even for dressing No matter how beautiful it is, people will have visual fatigue!

   2. Modern female fertility problems.

   Many women can’t have children, and it’s not due to their health. They go to the hospital for check-ups and sometimes take medicine and injections, but they still can’t solve the problem. Therefore, treat sex correctly, understand your own ovulation period, and accurately predict your pregnancy time, and then use sexual aids to open the uterine mouth, so that the probability of successful conception will be greatly improved.

   3. Women’s health issues.

   Of course, many women have a very high chance of getting pregnant, but there are also problems, improper contraception, hardship and harm. If you can accurately predict your safety period, it will greatly reduce the unnecessary suffering of many women.

   4. Modern sexual life satisfaction issues.

   A survey on well-known websites found that 40% of Chinese netizens have low sexual satisfaction. The use of adult products is a socially embarrassing thing, but after using adult products, the quality of sex life will be greatly improved, and the relationship life of couples will be more harmonious.

   5. Redeem the previous love.

   If the couple’s sex life is not satisfactory, most of them will cause the male to go out of the wall and find her love. This is a great blow to women, and if the husband and wife work separately in different places, the pace of relationship breakdown will increase.

To this end, we have developed our own brand of adult products X-POWER, which does not simulate male penis, but uses “lily” and “lady lipstick” uniquely designed female vibrating massager. The massager function is controlled by mobile phones. , Remote network control, body temperature recognition, voice control, multi-frequency switching, and other functions.

  Mobile phone control:

   The mobile phone control function realizes two-person interaction, not only for women to enjoy alone, but for couples to have fun at the same time. The male’s wireless control makes the female senses more exciting, and at the same time, it can judge whether the female is in orgasm through body temperature recognition!

  Network remote control:

  Remote control satisfies the possessive desires of both men and women, and helps women avoid men’s “stealing” outside. The network can meet the needs of both parties’ sexual life, which not only consolidates love and sex but also makes the family more harmonious.

   Body temperature recognition: Detect women’s body temperature changes under two conditions, one is to enter the orgasm period, and the other is to enter the ovulation period. The body temperature during ovulation will be slightly higher than usual. When the body temperature rises, corresponding judgments can be made. In addition, some people use mercury thermometers for testing, but mercury is very harmful to the human body. The United Nations has called for no more mercury thermometers.
Moreover, it is inconvenient for ordinary thermometers to test the body temperature of women’s vagina and uterus. Our product can recognize the temperature difference of 0.01℃, which is more accurate and safer to recognize the temperature of the human body.

voice control:

  The mobile phone software can recognize female erotic voices in the current environment, and use this to control the speed of the massager, making the erotic function more intelligent.

  Multi-frequency switching:

   This massage stick can also be switched directly at different frequencies. Different vibration frequencies and different G-spot feelings give women more pleasure.

Here is an adult product website: sex doll