Nokia has been unlocked sex toy features

The quality of Nokia mobile phones has always been well-known, and the functions are readily available. In addition to calling, texting, and playing greedy snakes, Nokia mobile phones have a function that no other brand has, that is, acting as a hammer to knock walnuts.

But a report by CNET shows that some old Nokia phones have unlocked new features in the hands of Indian women, although this new feature is full of indescribable colors.
Agents of Ishq, an Indian female masturbation survey project group focused on sex, love, and passion, surveyed a hundred women. On the question of “how to get the most satisfaction”, the “vibration function of Nokia mobile phones” has become a frequent guest in the answer. . Obviously, the vibration function of the old Nokia phone is outstanding.

Of course, not only Nokia mobile phones, in fact, all mobile phone vibrations can have similar’effects’. The Homemade Sex Toys website says that one of the benefits of using mobile phones as sex toys is that people can take them with them and use them at any time, and they don’t have to worry about what friends will think strange.
I used to think that using mobile phones as ‘sex toys’ was a joke, but then I discovered that I was too young. Evil, no wonder that Apple and Samsung’s new phones are beginning to have waterproof function.

For the development of mobile phone fun features, humans who can play have never stopped. Among them, the Japanese are the most representative.

In 2015, the iPhone 6s with pressure sensing was launched. Many technical houses are trying to use this phone to test fruit weight. And a startup company in Japan launched a 3D Touch mobile app-ChiChi, which is used to test women’s cups.

The way to use it is this: just open the app, clamp the phone in the middle of the chest, and the app can immediately give the relevant data of the chest cup of the chest through the squeezing force. Even this company is still recruiting women with E-cups or more to participate in software internal testing, which is used to proofread and enrich the company’s internal database. The size of the cup measured by this method should not be small. After all, if the size is not enough, the mobile phone can not be clamped, right?

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Analysis of Japanese society’s attitude towards erotica from the perspective of historical culture

Japan passed the Spring Sale Prevention Act by Congress in 1956, declaring that sex transactions are illegal and need to be banned. But the magic is that the Japanese metropolis must have a red light district and a playground for adults. Such as striptease, bars with girls to accompany drinks, cowboy shops, massage shops, tea shops, personal viewing yellow video specialty shops, and even special shops for voyeur erotic performances. What is more exaggerated is that the so-called bath center (Soap Land) in Japan actually provides physical transactions, and all of them need to be registered with the Japanese police.

Why is it not illegal to provide such a service in a bath center? There is a rather interesting argument. Because the bathing girls and male guests in the bathing center fully relax and have physical contact during the bathing process, love may be generated under this atmosphere, and the relationship becomes a matter of course under free will.

The Japanese sometimes use some generous things to do things that should be covered up, which is always ridiculous.

Kabukicho in Tokyo, Japan is a large red-light district in Japan. In this place, various erotic advertisements tell you that this is the place to buy spring.

In addition to the red light district, the newspaper and magazine areas in the convenience stores and bookstores are also fair and well-stocked with pornographic books or pornographic films and erotic place guides for people to choose (there are plastic model books to prevent minors from watching directly) for purchase.

Now let you feel that as long as you are an adult male, these sexual services are readily available and can be easily discussed in public. Many people believe that because of this booming erotic industry, Japan’s sexual assault and sexual crimes have been reduced to some extent, and it has also greatly eased people’s emotional pressure.

The primitive religion in Japan is Shintoism, which worships nature as its spirit. It is quite primitive nature worship, ancestor worship, and reproductive worship. As with many primitive tribes on the African and Pacific islands, the worship of the penis and vulva is an important component. In ancient times, frequent intercourse between men and women can bring the population to the tribe, so this behavior is encouraged by itself. Such a thing is a common phenomenon in which humans have not yet evolved civilization in the early days, and indulgence itself is encouraged.

Until the construction of human society began, there was the concept of family and marriage. At the same time, almost all human religions would oppose extramarital sex. What’s more, they encouraged believers to control their desires, and the restraint on sex continued to strengthen. The control of chastity is common at home and abroad. It can even be said that as long as religion is prosperous, virgins are valued. What’s more, the emphasis on chastity has become more restrictive of women’s autonomy. The development of the chastity concept severely limits women’s autonomy and freedom.

However, Japan has no such evolution, and slowly builds its own country by the faith of Shintoism and the way of a matriarchal society.

For a long time in Japanese history, it was popular to visit marriage until the early Meiji period in Japan (early nineteenth century). Marriage is a common marital status in a matrilineal society, which means that after marriage, men and women still live in their own homes, and only live in the girls’ homes at night.

In the form of visiting marriage, men and women do not have a strong possessiveness of each other’s bodies. The man only needs the woman to own him that night. In the matriarchal society, people do not impose moral criticism on the matter of sex. Therefore, the relationship between the freedom of men and women is very common in ancient Japan.

Due to the custom of visiting marriage, men and women will not live too far, and it is difficult to avoid marriage between close relatives. Without sexual and moral control, once a man enters his wife’s home, he can freely have relationships with women or sisters other than his wife. Even adult sons can come to their mothers’ homes. There are many incest incidents in Japan, and this will not be criticized.

Around the sixth century AD, Buddhism was introduced to Japan. After the Dahua reform since 645 AD, Confucianism has gradually influenced Japan, and gradually has the concept of ethics and chastity, but that only affects the high-level ruling class. For civilians, there is nothing Too much impact. For the part of temperance and even abstinence, the Japanese are indifferent. In Japan, Buddhism even gives monks the right to marry their wives and have children.

Since ancient times, Japan has been a very serious class country, and the privileged class above the samurai has the right to have money and power. People must have something in order to start paying attention to the value of ownership. And if the concept of chastity is formed because men have stronger sexual possessiveness than women, of course, the possessiveness of the class with more privileges will be higher.

After the introduction of Confucianism to Japan and the combination of Bushido, it began to have a moral concept called chastity. In the Edo period, due to the introduction of Song Ming Confucianism and Yang Mingxue, the Tokugawa Shogunate began to hope to restrain women in Japan with women’s ethics. There was a punishment decree for acts such as adultery.

In 1742, the Edo Shogunate published the “100 Articles of the Imperial Order” and sentenced the adulterous samurai wife and lovers to death. However, if the wife of a businessman is cheating, it can be settled with money and judged according to the different classes of peasants, peasants, and industry.

The irony is that the concept of chastity that a woman’s life can only be loyal to a man is actually driven by high-level men who have many wives. In economic terms, chastity is the rationality of a privileged class of men monopolizing resources for all women and men of lower strata.

In China, the concept of virginity is combined with the concept of virginity. Many men care whether they are female first love and first night.

This is not important in Japan. A virgin is something that needs to be abandoned.

After the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese quickly entered the modern business society. The idea of ​​attaching importance to the spirit of the contract began. Under the notion of contract, it is necessary to strictly implement things after signing the contract. Marriage is like a contract. Both parties can freely discuss business before the two parties sign the contract, so after marriage, the couple needs to be loyal to each other, and before marriage, that is not too important.

The Japanese man thinks that after marriage, he only owns the future of his wife, not the past.

The idea of ​​many Chinese women is that if they can’t find true love in this life, they can maintain a pure body for a lifetime, which is a very noble thing, and even having sex has been a stain on women. In fact, a large part of this concept is also due to the importance of men themselves, to marry can only be tied to the virgin.

In Japan, because of free sexual concepts and attitudes, sex is only an act to please both parties, and it is not impossible to talk or be moral. Therefore, a virgin actually represents jerky immaturity and cannot be happy on the flesh. Japanese high school girls even laughed at their classmates and friends who were virgins, saying that they were not welcome by the opposite sex. On the other hand, those men and women with great skills and powerful appeal are generally popular in Japanese society. So we can also see descriptions of mocking virgins in many Japanese comics.

In the early Japanese adult action film actress Iijima Ai, in addition to real live performances, also joined drama performances and even talk shows, and even became a best-selling author. Next, Mr. Aoi, who is well-known to the majority of men, was not worried and tried many new performance opportunities. It is difficult to imagine if it is not in a society like Japan.

Due to the openness of sexuality, even though the marriage contract is in many Japanese families, it is only for the purpose of economic life and the formation of future generations. Marriage derailment is certainly wrong, but it doesn’t feel too guilty about her husband and family. In the 1990s, a very serious social problem in Japanese society was an injustice (that is, cheating on an affair), so Junichi Watanabe’s novel Paradise Lost is very popular in Japan, and it also reflects some extent that the importance of lust itself is higher than marriage. Contract.

The Japanese drama “Lovers!” in the 1990s is about the story of two couples derailing each other and then re-matching, which is also widely welcomed and recognized in Japan.

In Japan, the sanctity of marriage is no higher than love.

In 1682, the famous Japanese novel “Lecherous Generation Man” published by the author Ichihara Nishizu was very enjoyable in the color description, full of sensory stimulation, and highly praised in the Japanese literary world. The novel tells the story that the protagonist Sasuke went to Huaxiang Liuxiang across the country at the age of nineteen, and the prostitute brothel made a good practice. This is simply an erotic novel and night guide for the Edo period in Japan.

This novel was all the rage in the Edo period, and Ichihara Nishizu is known as a master of modern Japanese literature. It is also worth mentioning that the illustrations of the novel were produced by the painter Rinkawa Shishu. Lingchuan’s wonderful paintings have been flirted with men, women, and even erotic paintings, and became the ancestor of the so-called ukiyo-e.

In the mid-Edo period, ukiyo-e was generally referred to as a place of wind and moon, so a print dedicated to depicting the joy of citizens was called ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e is a unique way of expressing artistic paintings in Japan, but it was popular at the beginning because of erotic paintings.

As can be seen from the novel, in the seventeenth century in the Edo period of Japan, various entertainment venues of Fengyue have been very developed. There are already developed nationwide tour guides (brothels, red-light districts). Men’s lustful demeanor is a commendable trait, and there are a lot of special service areas that provide entertainment.

Since Japan’s attitude towards sex has been quite open since ancient times and has not been subject to moral criticism, even today, buying spring in Japan is a matter of no moral pressure. For many married men, because of the pressure to get off work, it is not difficult to be embarrassed to spend money embracing a young body after work, and it can even be boasted.

It is also because sexual harassment is very common in Japan because of the lack of moral pressure on sex and the high intensity of pressure in modern society. To alleviate such sexual assaults, it is to provide a large number of erotic services. The development of Japanese adult films is the product of such a historical and cultural framework.

In 2015 in Japan, there are incomplete statistics of about 9,000 AV actresses, there will be 100 AV works every day, and 6,000 actresses will debut every year.

Therefore, we will see many beautiful women with beautiful bodies go to the sea to shoot adult movies. Similarly, there will be a large consumer population, and a large number of overseas exports will be used as sexual enlightenment materials for many young men.

You can find almost any erotic service in Japan. But in such a country with such convenient access to sexual resources, as times have evolved, Japan today has the largest asexual population.

In a 2015 survey by the British media BBC in Japan, 43% of young people aged 18-34 said they had never had sex.

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The temperament expert teaches you to make sex toys by yourself

Rubber glove massager

   The friend in charge of washing dishes at home must have used rubber gloves. The advantage of this kind of gloves is that the rubber texture is very good, it can be blown up, or it can be filled with water. Some gloves have floating points on the surface. Then inflate or irrigate according to personal preference! When the gloves are full, be sure to tighten the bottom, wrap it with plastic wrap, and use a few strong rubber bands to bind it, so as to ensure that there is no air leakage or water leakage. If there is a better way.

After simple processing, the rubber gloves swelled up like angry pufferfish, and there are five small tentacles of different sizes! Use it to tease women’s sensitive areas, and even use small tentacles to tease the vaginal opening, the effect is very ideal. You have to try your own specific feelings.

  Small milk clip

   clips are very common, but clips that can be processed into sex toys require innate conditions. Plastic or wood, the clip supported by the iron ring in the middle is ideal. First of all, let the clip’s strength become loose. If it is too tight, it will easily hurt the delicate chest; secondly, remove some soft substances from the cotton swab or dish sponge, which must be thick, and then put the two small “mouths” of the clip “Er”, in this way, there will be no pain when clamping the chest, only pleasure. Remember, iron and too strong clips must not be used! If the woman shouts pain, you must also remove it.

  Lollipop with mini fan

   The following sex toy is a bit different, even a bit “perverted”, but the effect is very outstanding. First, find a lollipop, and then wrap the sugar balls with plastic wrap non-stop to make it bigger and bigger; according to the size of ordinary lollipops, it can be doubled, and the small point does not matter. Secondly, the mini fan is familiar to everyone, but it is a summer baby! Take it out, remove the fan head, and bind the lollipop to the small motor. The method is more casual, as long as it can be fixed and can be turned on Just turn it around. When you’re done, you’re done and the homemade rotating massager is OK!

  It needs to be reminded that the lollipops wrapped in plastic wrap are better than small ones, and the mini electric fans must also find qualified products, and do not get wet when teasing.

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After the closure of Denmark, the sales of sex toys doubled in the first week of April

According to Reuters, Denmark announced the closure of the city on March 11. In order to spend a boring time at home, many Danes chose to increase the love of couples.

According to the statistics of “Sinful”, the largest seller of sex toys in Northern Europe, sales of sex toys increased by 110% in the first week of April.

Mathilde Mackowski, the company’s operator, said: “At a difficult time when people feel vulnerable, I think our company’s products provide good comfort for people.”

Denmark’s largest sex toy review site “” said that during the closure of the city, the site’s visitor traffic has more than tripled compared to the same period last year.

Mackey said: “I think when we have to spend more time together, it is natural to want a little more fun. In this difficult time, we should take care of each other, including sex.”

“Sinful” sex toys have a market share of three quarters in Denmark and are also sold to neighboring countries, including Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Recently, the company’s overseas orders have also increased significantly, with 1,500 parcels to be delivered.

The level of sales of sex toys reflects the Danish idea. In fact, in the early days when the city was just announced, no one thought of sex toys, sales declined, and sales growth did not appear until early April.

McSkey said: “This may be because, in the early days of the closure of the city, all of us panicked, thinking of buying daily necessities, such as food or toilet paper and toothpaste. But after a while, everyone did not Panicked, the love between the couple began.”

In the statistics of the happiness index over the years, Denmark is ranked first and second, and it can be said to be one of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark is considered to have the most avant-garde concept and its progressive laws. For example, they were legalized by customs in 1969, earlier than most European countries.

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Do I need to clean the newly purchased doll?

Everyone knows that whether it is a silicone or TPE physical doll, it is actually made by a simulation. Moreover, the body of the doll is made of solid materials, which has a certain waterproof performance. Compared with some other supplies, physical dolls are not as convenient and quick as people to clean, but they are not as difficult as imagined.
I suggest checking the baby for any problems and defects as soon as possible after receiving the baby and clean the baby after no problem. Because after the merchant leaves the factory, in the process of transportation, it is inevitable that there are no such little guys as bacteria. If it is not possible to clean it in time, it will be less hygienic during use at the beginning. When using physical dolls, you must clean them frequently so that you can be more hygienic.

Whether we need to clean up after using the doll or the doll has been left for too long to get dust or stains on the skin surface, we need to clean the doll. So how to clean the physical doll? Take off the head first to prevent water from staining the makeup of the face, then put a little shower gel and gently wipe with a wet towel to clean. The water can be cold or warm water.
If you have a bathtub at home, you can put the doll in the bathtub and wash it. It is more convenient. Of course, you can also wash it with her-after washing, wipe the water with a towel, and let it dry. After the surface of the baby’s skin is dry, apply powder to the baby, so that the sister’s skin will be smoother, more elastic, and dustproof. If you find that there is a place that cannot be washed off, you can see if it is dyed. You can use color removal cream or cleansing oil to clean up. If it is other problems, you have no solution. You can contact the merchant who bought the doll and seek a solution from the merchant.

  Do you need to wash it after wearing the condom? Anyway, the service life of the physical doll is limited, it needs to be maintained all the time, and it is its own “girlfriend”. Although I was wearing a condom, I was also worried about whether it would contaminate the doll. After all, I still need to use it in the future, and it will affect my own if I don’t clean it. It is better to clean it after use, which is more hygienic and beneficial to the life of the doll.
The more expensive and delicate things are, the more they need to be maintained. Just like a car, it will be maintained during the interval. The same is true for physical dolls. The price of a physical doll is more than a thousand dollars, which is a relatively high-end thing and requires good maintenance. Physical dolls are energy-saving and can be bent, and the skin is resilient. It won’t affect if you fold it back again, but if you bend the temple for a long time in a curved state, there may be some wrinkles on the skin at the bend.

Therefore, if you do not use it for a long time, it is best to restore the joints to the factory posture, that is, the hands and feet are lying flat. If you have bent for a long time, you can simply massage the joints. Just a while. There are also physical dolls that can be dyed, so be sure not to wear clothes that can be dyed. You must wear an extra white Xing Niu bottoming shirt.
Physical dolls should be powdered regularly to keep the skin dry. Do not use corrosive cleaning wattles, strong acid, strong alkaline solution, strong disinfectant, and detergents when cleaning the dolls, so as not to cause damage to the doll’s skin. If you want to know more about the price information of physical dolls or have questions, you can contact me, can provide you with advice, welcome to follow me.

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I once indirectly contacted a sex toy experience instructor

That was in the summer of 3 years ago when I got up and was going to the bathroom, I accidentally saw a few pictures of unsuitable children on my colleague’s computer desktop.

At first, I only thought it was a joke from a colleague. Later, after contact, I realized that there was a profession in the market called sex toy experience teacher.

She is a funny, cool, and odd woman. I have never met her. I don’t even know what she looks like. I have only communicated online.

About her information, I heard more from colleagues.

She is a little older than I am a few years old and is said to have been in this business for some time. Often, many manufacturers will take the initiative to contact her, ask her to evaluate some new products and recommend to netizens, and she will occasionally plant some high-quality plants for netizens, and then let everyone find and buy them by themselves.

She is not the kind of person with a strong “sexual desire”, nor the person who “opens her legs and waits for a man”. To be precise, she is only interested in sexual psychology and sex studies of men and women and wants to do something that others dare not do It’s just a matter.

Being a sex toy experience teacher is only part of her job. The threshold is not high, and you can get an extra income to solve your daily expenses.
Colleagues said: “Last time I saw her measuring a ball, it looked almost as big as a golf ball. “The expression was slightly surprised.

I have also read a review, which is really not easy. In addition to describing the feeling of personal experience, you must also feel the packaging appearance, touch, smell and taste, etc., and write an experience report that can be liked and paid for by others.

According to her, this is a manual job. “”I don’t know how many people are allowed to be “Jin Ping Mei”. Look. “”

She is very easy-going, maybe everyone is in a safe network environment, she will discuss some grounded men and women with netizens, and occasionally share some good reviews and negative reviews after the experience.

Perhaps it is because we are not friends. Even in front of her, I seem to have lost the ability to organize language. I don’t know what to say that I don’t care, and I don’t know what to say.

But I heard that when they do their business, they are often subject to some harassment. They are often asked many questions: “Where did you come from so much gender knowledge?”
“Have you been with many people? Why do you know so clearly?”
“Do you use every toy when you evaluate sex toys?”
“Do you rely on sex toys and don’t like to applaud people?”
“What should I do with some of the tricks?”
“Do your parents know what you are doing?”
“You should understand your partner so well, right?”

What’s more, they will ask for some private photos. But they generally ignore it, and occasionally pick a few “real” questions to answer when they are in a good mood.

And those 260,000 accounts, each account spent more than 4,000 yuan on average, I really, one can not understand, the other feel sick.

Teacher Mikami, Teacher Hatano, so many teachers aren’t they fragrant? Are you going to see this kind of stuff? What makes me unable to understand is that some members feel that they are innocent and are the victims?

To tell the truth, it is normal to have needs, but you cannot “beautify” perverted behaviors into needs. “”

There are probably more kind people in the world, and what seems to be the closest to human nature is also sex. We haven’t talked about anything anymore, so we went to work separately.

The sunlight outside was dipped in chili water, and there was no shady place on the open street. Someone said: “The sex toy experience teacher, like a small stream sandwiched between extremely cold glaciers and hot lava, feels the most malicious attack and the most forgiving understanding.”

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Silicone doll VS TPE doll

I want to buy a physical doll that suits your wishes, but then you will hesitate to buy which kind of doll is better. TPE, or silicone doll? Today, I will briefly introduce the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

First, distinguish from the feel:

   Silicone dolls generally feel slightly hard, while TPE soft dolls will be very soft. Of course, silicone dolls can also be made quite soft, but the cost will increase a lot, so the domestic baby factory will be made at 0 degrees, which can be manipulated, but it will be harder than TPE soft dolls.

Second, distinguish from texture:

  The performance of silicone dolls is better than TPE dolls. Because of the slightly harder material, the expressiveness will be better. Some simulated hand patterns and details can only be shown by silicone dolls, and TPE soft dolls do not perform well.

  1. Distinguish from anti-aging:    Silicone dolls are resistant to high temperature, low temperature, acid, and alkali; except for highly corrosive items, silicone dolls can hardly react with any substance. TPE soft rubber dolls are not resistant to high temperatures, and they are not as resistant to aging as silicone products.
  2. Distinguish from smell:    Silicone dolls do not have any smell, TPE soft rubber dolls will more or less have the smell of gum or added fragrance. If the doll smells good, it is recommended not to start, because there are cases of allergy to fragrance.

Fifth, distinguish from price:

  The price of raw materials for silicone dolls is several times that of TPE soft dolls. Silicone dolls are correspondingly more expensive than TPE soft dolls. TPE soft dolls and other models can be started from 5,000 to 8,000, while silicone dolls are generally between 10,000 and 5,000.

  Whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE soft doll, as long as it is a product produced by a regular manufacturer, it will be guaranteed in terms of safety and quality. Which one to choose, can be based on personal preference.

  Racyme TPE doll is made of platinum silicone rubber and composite metal through joint glue. It feels close to real skin and can almost be fake. After shaping the head, body shape, chest shape, hips, legs… just play with it, you can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful and considerate little lover.

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The world’s first female erotic prescription drug Addyi is launched in the United States

Addyi, the world’s first prescription drug to boost women’s sexual desire, was launched on the 17th. Most women who lacked interest in sex would not be in a hurry to try, but they had a choice.

Addyi is called “female Viagra”, but its effect is different from the blue tablet Viagra. It stimulates the brain to secrete more chemicals related to sexual needs, rather than acting directly on Viagra. Genitals, increase blood flow.

   It is reported that Addyi is a pink pill that must be taken daily. It should not be mixed with alcohol and some other drugs, otherwise, the effect will be reduced, and even adverse side effects such as low blood pressure and sudden coma may occur.

   However, these restrictions may also encourage pharmaceutical companies to develop better new drugs for women’s erotic issues. Over the past 10 years, the world’s major pharmaceutical companies have neglected women’s needs in this regard.

   Kim Wallen, a professor of psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, pointed out that Addyi is a historic milestone that opened the door for the development of more drugs to treat men and women.

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Female common sense nursing tips

Seven common sense of female private care

  1. Minimize the use of sanitary pads. If there are any secretions, the bottom of the pant may be wet and wet. You may wish to change your panties frequently.
  2. The genitals are the same as the underarms, which are prone to sweating. It is best to take a shower every day, especially to rinse immediately after sweating; choose sweat-absorbent cotton underwear to avoid hot and airless clothing such as jeans to keep the genitals Dryness is the most important.
  3. Although the popular thong is sexy, it is not easy to absorb sweat, and it is easy to cause friction and break the skin, which is easy to cause bacteria to invade. It is best to wear less.
  4. After using the toilet, the toilet paper should be wiped from front to back, not from back to front, so as to avoid the toilet paper touching the anus first, which may bring too much bacteria to the vaginal opening.
  5. Sexual behavior will also increase the chance of infection. The vulva should be cleaned before sex, and the semen should be discharged by Kegel exercise (abdominal force, pelvic contraction) after sex, because the semen is alkaline, which will change the vaginal acid and alkali. Value, people who want to conceive can also use this method, because the sperm runs fast, unaffected, or use a condom to avoid semen injection.
  6. In addition to mold, some pathogens are prone to exist in men. If a woman has an infection, you must pay attention to whether the sexual partner has similar problems (such as urethritis), and should be treated together. Otherwise, after the woman is cured, it may be infected by sexual contact. Repeated repeatedly.
  7. It is not clear whether the lactic acid bacteria in Yogurt can help vaginal health care, but drinking Yogurt more is a triable method, but it should not be used for lavage.

What are women’s private parts most afraid of?

  1. Fear of tights

Women love beauty. In order to create a beautiful figure, many women like to wear tight underwear or sculpting underwear, but wrapping Tai Chi mud will affect the health of private parts. If the wrap is too tight, the blood circulation in the private parts is blocked and the air circulation is not smooth, and secretions such as sweat glands are not easily volatilized, thereby causing vaginitis.

Coping method: Do not wear tight underwear. The clothes should be loose and breathable. It is best to choose pure cotton material to ensure the air and blood flow of the private parts.

  1. Fear of abortion

Abortion not only hurts the uterus, but also the vagina. Because the muscles of the vagina and pelvis have begun to relax during pregnancy. During the artificial abortion, the vagina is dilated and its elasticity is weakened. The tissues that are not cleanly discharged after the operation remain in the vaginal folds and the posterior fornix and enlarge the inner wall of the vagina.

Coping methods: Do contraception well and avoid abortion. The best method of contraception is to use a condom.

  1. Fear of excessive cleaning

Many women think that the cleaner the vagina is, the better. In fact, this idea is wrong. Because the vagina itself has a self-cleaning effect, if it is washed with lotion, it may break the acid-base balance of the vagina, resulting in dysbacteriosis, which will allow bacteria to invade more easily.

Coping method: Do not rinse the vagina with lotion without a doctor’s advice, and water is not recommended. Clean the vulva with warm water every day and change the underwear.

  1. Bacterial virus infestation

Women’s physiological structure is relatively special, with the vagina proximate the urethra and the lower anus. Many bacteria and viruses are easy to invade, which can easily lead to the verification of vulva and gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis. And the female genitalia directly communicates with the outside world, so the bacteria can also directly invade the uterine and fallopian tubes, causing inflammation in the body.

Coping method: wash the vulva with clean warm water every day, and change the underwear every day. The vulva and underwear should be washed in a special basin. The washed underwear should be hung in the sun to sterilize.

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What about TPE / TPR plastic adult products drum kits?

n fact, the bulging is caused by the TPE material that has not been completely cooled and hardened to release gas under the action of internal pressure, which causes the expansion of TPE / TPR material adult products. Therefore, the improvement measures of this defect are as follows:

① Better cooling: The method is to reduce the mold temperature, extend the mold opening time, and reduce the drying and plasticizing temperature of the TPE material

② Reduce the filling speed, reduce the molding cycle and reduce the flow resistance

③ Improve holding pressure and extend holding time

④ Improve the structure of TPE plastic parts to avoid the situation where the plastic parts are too thick or the thickness changes too much

⑤ The structural design of plastic parts: reduce the inconsistency of the thickness, try to ensure the uniform wall thickness; avoid the sharp corner structure of the parts, and avoid the trapped air

⑥ Mold design: Add a vent groove at the place where the melt is finally filled; redesign the gate and runner system; ensure that the vent is large enough to allow the gas to have enough time and space to drain.

⑦ Process conditions: reduce the final injection speed; set a reasonable mold temperature and prolong the mold opening time; optimize the injection pressure and holding pressure; reduce the screw loosening amount to prevent the loosening of the air into the next mold, Lower the material temperature.

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