Beautiful female toy tester earns £ 300 per week + 15 orgasms

A woman who works as a sex toy tester can earn £ 15,000 a year and can orgasm 15 times a week all in one word.

Cara Houiellebecq has an office filled with more than 2,000 personalized love toys. These are used for testing for adult products companies. She can make money by writing product reviews on her blog. The mother of two from Lincoln, who became an erotic blogger five years ago, spends seven hours a week testing these little toys.

The 33-year-old woman receives sex toys delivered to her home four to five times a week, and this is now part of her life. When it comes to her work, Cara said: “These small toys have always been part of my sex life, which inspired me to start recording my sex life and also made me decide to test these toys.”

“This job is really great. I used to work in a bank but I will never go back now because I will never be bored in my current job.” Cara started her personal sex toy review blog by herself. , And then got more and more visits, “gradually the products I reviewed became more and more diverse, and finally an adult products company noticed me and hoped that I could work for them.”
“Now various manufacturers and sellers come to ask me if I can send their products over because too many people are reading my reviews.” Cara started working for a sex toy website in February 2012, and She has now won the Best Erotic Journalist award at the ETO Awards for two consecutive years.

Toy makers across the UK now send her free products for evaluation, and she also writes articles for a company as an industry consultant.

Cara said, “My friends like to ask me questions about these toys. I know which one is the best and which one is the cheapest. I will receive a text message from my friend asking, ‘My jumping egg is broken, should Where do I replace them? ‘For me personally, my favorite toy is iGino One. You can charge it through the USB interface. At the same time, I also like Doxy Wand, which is a power-driven magic wand. And The bullet-type vibrator is what I always recommend. “

Cara has two children. The eldest is 9 years old and the second is only 19 months old. At the same time, she never talks about her work in front of the children. She now lives in Gainesboro, Lincolnshire with her long-term partner (presumably the one who is not married) and Darren’s mother.

Darren, 37, works as an IT consultant for an e-commerce site, and Cara met him there.

“My partner never sees my work as a threat. We always believe that toys are a flavor, not a substitute for sex. When I receive a toy, he tests it for me.” , This has become part of our lives. “

Analysis of adult product consumer population

  1. Customer analysis of adult products

Ordinary people: generally buy condoms, test papers, birth control pills, and other family planning supplies, and occasionally buy some sex toys such as jumping eggs. This kind of population is relatively small, because most people generally choose to go to a drug store;

Married people whose husband and wife’s life is not harmonious: Generally, they will buy some flirting equipment and aphrodisiac or flirting products. This part of the population is relatively large;

Singles or spouses who haven’t been around for a long time: Those who are single or spouse who is not around for various reasons will go to the store to buy men’s or women’s masturbation equipment, and there are many of them;

People who are open to sex: This group of people can undoubtedly be more open because they go out to play. This type of customer can be called the gold customer of adult product stores. They always choose novel products. Of course, some help sex Products are often their must-have;

People who buy adult products for lovers: Some people will buy erotic lingerie or some high-end appliances and give them as gifts.

  1. The target group of male adult products

Men’s external delay products soared by 125% last quarter, of which men accounted for 89.55%.

Young people in their 20s and 30s are energetic, and the products they need are mainly focused on novel products. The mainstream people are 30-39-year-old men who need help products, followed by 40-49-year-old men, and over 50. On the contrary, there are almost no males. There is almost no sexual activity in this age group, or for people of this age, they are still used to looking for “tiger oil” in street shops, and the probability of surfing the Internet may be Lower.

  1. The target group of female adult products

The attention of female masturbation devices increased by 13% in the last quarter. In terms of gender ratio, female followers of female masturbators accounted for 41.71% and males accounted for 58.29%;

In terms of age distribution, 20–29 years are the oldest, and the proportion of people over 30 and under 20 is equal. That is to say, women who play female appliances are mainly under 30 years old, and the difference between men and women is only less than 17%.

  1. Occupation distribution of the target population

The first place in the occupational distribution is IT practitioners. This makes sense, after all, it is too convenient to access the Internet. The second place is in education and students. Third, the real estate industry. The fourth place is government civil servants and public utility practitioners. After all, this type of person has plenty of time and money. It is recommended that merchants explore this consumer group in depth. In summary, as long as it follows the development of the market and the characteristics of the audience The profit of this industry is especially objective.

Experts from the Health Care Professional Committee, when analyzing consumer groups, believe that there are several major changes in the market:

  1. Increase in sex entertainment

In recent years, the trend of the aging of adult products has become obvious, and the popularity of the Internet has provided great convenience for the dissemination of sexual knowledge and skills. Adult products are no longer mysterious, and the youth purchase group has become larger. To express their sexual culture.

  1. More people are pursuing self-character

This group has a wide age range, from people in love and courtship to married or single men or women. With the opening of society, people’s self-image consciousness has become strong, and people have considerable demand for products such as sexy lingerie that increase women’s charm.

  1. Increase in female consumption

In the past, when talking about adult sex products, it was often men. In recent years, women have become the fastest-growing consumer group. Single women, especially white-collar workers, are pursuing self-improvement and are unwilling to accept unsafe sex. In turn, the demand for masturbation products has increased.

  1. The large market for middle-aged aphrodisiacs

In modern society, the work is intense and the pace of life is fast. Some middle-aged men have a sexual crisis after the age of 40. These people are also the group with the greatest purchasing power.

European and American high-end adult products

Everyone knows that the European and American culture is open, and adult products also start early and have a full range. So, which European and American adult products do you know? Especially high-end brands can best show a person’s taste and style. Counting, do you still only know LELO? Then you are out. With Xiaobian, take a look at the “LV” in the adult products industry in Europe and America!

1.Nordic-LELO, Fun Factory

LELO, Sweden: Established in 2003, it is the world’s top private lifestyle product design brand, raising sex toys to the height of a luxury product.

Representative product: Luna beads (Luna balls), with a smooth and delicate appearance and sexy and attractive body, diameter 29mm, can perfectly respond to the body’s movements with subtle vibrations, making people indulge in unprecedented backyard joy. At the same time, the Luna ball can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the vestibular muscles, and exercise the core muscles, making it easier to get more and more intense orgasmic experience.

Fun Factory in Germany: Founded in 1995, it uses the most advanced medical-grade silicone materials to create products that attract worldwide attention and are stunning. Fun Factory’s products have a cute appearance and elegant design, which makes love toys break through the stereotype of sex products. People of any age and gender will unconsciously love them, and will love and get close to them wholeheartedly.

Representative product: Delight (Qila goddess), so far has three generations, the first generation is the most classic, with art-like S-type ergonomic design, that year, it swept the sex columns of major European and American magazines, and won the German reddot red dot Awards and IF awards.
2.North American Pie-SWAN, We-vibe

SWAN Canada: Created by the creative design team, following the high-end analog nature route, with advanced manufacturing processes, it has won the 2011 EAN Best Product Line Award, the 2012 XBIZ Luxury Product Line Award, and the 2012 Best Adult Product Company Award. At present, Swan, as the industry’s most popular brand, is rapidly rising.

Representative products: Life by Leaf, 11cm in length, 3.81cm in thickness, pure external-use negative-core vibrator, one of the most popular on the European and American high-end routes, medical silicone, completely waterproof, strong vibration, large battery capacity, long standby time, Comfortable to the touch, curve fit and can be used underwater.
We-Vibe, Canada: A well-known sex toy brand. From the first product launch, it has created monthly sales, quarterly sales, and annual sales champions for adult products in the North American market, and then spread to Europe and Asia. We-Vibe subverts the entire concept of sex toys and is the pioneer of the world ’s first unisex vibrator design.

Representative products: We-Vibe series, 7.47cm in length, 3.14cm in width, soft and adjustable arc. One motor at each end, one end stimulates the vaginal nucleus and one end stimulates the G spot. It can be wirelessly controlled remotely. It is made of medical silicone and is 100% waterproof.

  1. British representative——Je Joue

United Kingdom Je Joue: Founded in 2008, the British representative of high-end sex toys. Has won many awards for luxury toy brands.

Representative product: FIFI (Bunny Massage Stick), with a total length of 20.3cm, is a very innovative three-point message stick. It adopts a magnetic pole contact charging design, the surface is 100% seamless, completely waterproof, and can be used in a bathtub. Comfortable, two rabbit ears are softer.

To the girls: masturbation innocence

Some time ago, I just saw a question on Zhihu called: How do girls masturbate elegantly?

Out of curiosity for the majority of women, Xiaole opened up and found that in fact, most of the girls were telling their embarrassing masturbation experiences.

It’s a pity that in fact, there aren’t many people with good experience to ask questions. Fortunately, masturbation can finally be brought to the table for a serious discussion.

I used to know on Baidu that I was sad when I saw a girl. I accidentally saw an erotic movie and learned to masturbate. Will I be a bad girl? Am I still a virgin? Will anyone still love me?

In this country where sex education is extremely lacking, most people will be told when their love starts and they should be sexually enlightened: children, do n’t enter the restricted area, where it is dangerous, and do n’t try before getting married.

Even the parents’ avoidance of conversation has led adolescents to strive for sexual knowledge, and curiosity drives their sex education from Aoi, Japan, on hard disks and CD-ROMs.

However, is masturbation really difficult to tell?

I often see an interesting question that appears among boys: What should you do when you are bumped into by your mom or dad while you are masturbating?

I believe that after such a thing happened in reality, parents were called to scold or ignore it a lot; but to make a long talk and be told how to do it is safer.

In fact, sex itself is not trivial and dirty. Because of the existence of sex, only reproduction and reproduction, and the love and hatred, can occur.

Sex is not a primitive sin, it is the most primitive desire in our hearts, and it should be sought and loved.

Therefore, masturbation is not a flood beast, let alone make you a bad girl.

On the contrary, moderate and correct masturbation can actually keep your hormones secreted at normal levels and make you more feminine.

Of course, all of this should be built on a modest basis.

Modern Western medicine has recognized that masturbation is a positive factor that promotes sexual development. It usually increases physical comfort and blends sexual pleasure and sexual fantasy content. It strengthens the notion that women should have: women’s sexual response is normal, natural, and enjoyable.

And the method of masturbation is not only limited to being completed by hand, but also a variety of sex toys, which can satisfy the dual pleasures of fantasy and reality.

Maybe, the sex toys you imagine are still a shy stick; but after reading this article, you will definitely be subverted by them!

Favorite artifact! Using skin-friendly soft-grade silicone, 10 soft tongues, imitating the effect of the tip of the tongue on the privacy of the tian. 6 vibration modes, which can be easily operated with just one button, giving you the vibrancy that suits you.

How to use: Point the “tongue” at the sensitive part you want to stimulate, and you can experience the wonderful mouth pleasure.

Recommended by well-known lovers! Rose gold, fashionable. Super soft silicone tip, easy to replace. Vibrant sucking force, like the thrill of tongue squeeze. Most importantly, it works even underwater!

How to use: Point the silicone tip at Doudou or other sensitive parts to enjoy a different kind of pleasure.

Orgasm artifact in the palm of your hand! 120 ° arc design, can fit female Yin Road closely The first touch frequency modulation is convenient and easy to operate. Exquisite and compact appearance, easy to carry out.

How to use: The products can be closely fitted to the private parts of women, and you can enjoy your orgasm! It can also be used to stimulate other sensitive areas.

Sex toys in China have actually spread since ancient times

Yintuozi, Xuanyuhuan and Burmese, have you ever heard of these terms? They often appear in books such as Xuan Nv Jing and Jade House Secrets, which are Ximen Qing’s standing items. These things are actually the tools used by the ancient houses, and they are also popular “sex toys” since the Han Dynasty.

Today we will talk to you about what props people used to support in the rain and rain in ancient times.

According to historical records, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was already a sexology seminar hosted by the emperor himself. This seminar was equivalent to the official organization of the court. The discussion mainly focused on the sexual affairs of men and women, and the development and use of tools.

The seminar is usually held in “Baiyong”, which is the ancient aristocratic high school. After completing the private lessons of male noble children, they will go to the “boarding high school”-Piyong, and continue to study the four books, five classics and six arts. In the old conception of the young and old, the father could not directly teach the son’s house-building technique. This part of the content needed a teacher of “Baiyong” to inculcate.

How important is the teaching of this part? If it is an aristocrat who has not received this education, he will be extremely embarrassed in the feudal society where he pays particular attention to.

For example, Li Tang, the nobleman Xue Wanche, and Tang Taizong Li Shimin married his sister Danyang to the Xue family. As a result, Xue Wanche was very dumb in intercourse, and Princess Danyang was so angry that he would not stay in bed with him for several months. After hearing about it, Taizong deliberately hosted a table party and invited his brother-in-law to come over, and explained the essentials at the banquet.

Housekeeping naturally includes housekeeping appliances. In terms of categories, housekeeping appliances in ancient times were similar to modern ones, and were roughly divided into “external use” and “internal use”.

Let’s talk about the “xiandan” that is taken internally.

Crazy fascination with aphrodisiac must start with Tianzi. History books say that emperors who particularly love alchemy, such as Emperor Qin Shizhuang, Emperor Tang Xuanzong, and Emperor Jiajing, sought to live forever. But in fact, most of the elixir they formulate is actually to nourish the body with excessive libido.

Looking at the names of these miracles, you know why there is no “cultivated land in this world, there are only dead cows.” “Sanyidan”, “Yixiaosan”, “Guoyanshengjiao”, “Spirit Turtle Shows Potential”, “Dried Miao Xiyu”. It’s no wonder why these emperors who love alchemy never stopped choosing their concubines in the harem.

Some elixir prescriptions have been passed down to the present, and most of them contain cloves and sulfur. These things can play a role similar to Red Bull (Red Bull also contains sulfur), but the role is only refreshing. Therefore, we advise you not to try lightly. Alchemy is not the only emperor who has made himself die.
The Emperor Jiajing who refined his life

After talking about taking it internally, let’s take a look at what are the “sex toys” for external use?

The first is Yin Tuozi, which can be said to have the highest appearance rate in “Jin Ping Mei”. It is worn almost every time when Xi Menqing and his six wives walk in the room.

“Looking back on Ximen Qing’s supine pillow, she slept thickly and couldn’t wake up. With the words on her waist, she had a caregiver, tired and long, and she didn’t feel her sensuality. She put down the candlestick and twiddled her with her hand.

According to the book, the role of the silver holder is roughly to increase the hardness of the tool. However, according to the actual object handed down, there are doubts about this thing, and it is believed that this object is not a silver bracket.

Qing dynasty

“By the side of the pleated gauze, take out the obscene bag, put on the silver holder, and tie the root with a sulfur ring.”

In addition to Yin Tuozi, there is also a “prop” that Ximen Qing often uses-the sulfur circle. This sulfur ring has two uses, one is to cover the roots, hold the vas deferens and meridians, and play a delayed role. The other is to put it on the head, reducing the sensitivity of the man, and it will also be accompanied by a “high ridged meat thorn”, which is quite like a modern condom.

Sulfur ring

However, this thing is more brittle due to craftsmanship. During Pan Jinlian’s trouble with the grape rack, it broke, and almost scared Ximen Qing.

“I only heard a bang, and folded a sulphur circle inside. The woman was stunned, hersed slightly, her tongue was cold, her limbs closed on the feast.”

Besides Mian Ling, this thing is very obvious when looking at the picture, a sex toy for women. But don’t think it is just two balls, the craft is very delicate. Although Mian Ling’s body is small, once heated, it will keep vibrating. This imported baby was not common in the Song Dynasty. It was worth five or two silvers (approximately 2,000 yuan now), and the top one was worth hundreds of gold, not even Pan Jinlian. (No matter what age, the price of this product is the same.)

“This object is called Mianling. It came out of the southern Miandian kingdom, and it is worth four or five silver. It is wonderful to put him in the furnace first, and then act.”

Silver Burmese Bell

In addition to these house tools, men and women acted in ancient times and were good at using everything. Bundles, S & M and other gameplays, as well as various teaching materials, are by no means uncommon in various novel picture books.

“On one side, she took off the woman’s red embroidered shoes, and untied his two feet, tied her feet, and hung them on the grape stands on both sides.”

Adapted from the ballet song and dance “Lian” from “Jin Ping Mei”

“Take out the twenty-four solutions to the idea of ​​spring, put it under the lamp, and act like that.”

Sex toys also need to be intelligent and begin to use VR to free their hands

There are several basic human needs: eating, sleeping, and having sex.

However, seeing that you have so many singles, and the quality of life of people in the new era has improved, but the physical quality is deteriorating, so except for the first demand being greatly met, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve the second or third.

Today, I will introduce an absolutely explosive product to save your passion hormones that are about to pass away.

Smart electric hip

It is said that as a man ages, his aesthetics for women will shift from the upper part to the lower part. A mature man will think that the sexiest part of a woman is the hips. They appreciate the waist-hip curve of a woman. A perfect hip-up can quickly evoke a man’s desire, and twisting the hips when walking can highlight the uniqueness of a woman. A variety of styles

And playful and cute

Well, lonely men and women, your blessing is here.

One of the world’s top five sex product manufacturers, TopcoSales’ fashion sex brand “69” has released a smart electric hip to help otakus improve their “sex”. Unexpectedly, sex toys are all intelligent, and the service of technology to human beings is meticulous. Let’s take a look at how this “unseen” smart sex product “plays”.

The “69” smart electric hip uses the world’s top virtual skin biomimetic material CyberSkin, which is synthesized by a number of American electric hip dancers. The advantage of this material is that it can guarantee the original touch to the greatest extent, and let us have unlimited in feel and appearance. The sensory stimulus brought by approaching the real human body.

This smart electric hip has a built-in heating function and can automatically heat up to 37 ° C. At the same time, the research and development team found an interesting combination of electric hip-hop dance and fun, so after collecting data from more than 100 electric hip-hop girls in the United States, it added the function of electric hip-hop synchronization, and built a large number of videos to follow the music. Perform rhythmic movements.

If girls are interested, they can buy an electric hip-hop dance and show it to those who need it.

Combined with the matching APP, you can adjust the electric hip mode as you like. It has four functions: clamping, absorbing, shaking, and shaking. The picture is too fresh …

If you want more excitement, you can use it with VR glasses. This 3D VR glasses with “69” smart electric hip is the first domestic product that combines virtual reality and emotions. You can feel the phenomenal level by uploading your favorite videos Three-dimensional interaction. Now you can send a few people to do shame in the open at home …

There are many styles for you to choose, not bad for the hips!

sex toy

The most interesting sex products of the post-90s generation, the average age of the main force is 21 years old

Recently, a post-90s sex story became the mainstay of the news. It is reported that the age group to buy sex toys is 19 to 26 years old, and the age with the highest consumption power of sex is 21 years old. Compared to the post-80s veiled and shy attitude, the post-90s people’s attitude towards sex toys is quite open. It is understood that the size of China’s sex toys market has reached 100 billion yuan each year, and the proportion of men and women buying supplies is 55.1% for men and 44.9% for women.

With the development of consumer ideas and new ideas, the sex industry has ushered in new opportunities. People’s attitude towards sex toys is quite open to those who used to hide their shame. Recently, according to a report released by a domestic sex e-commerce APP, the total sales of sex products on the day of Double 11 reached 5.62 million yuan, which is three times the turnover of “Double 11.” Guangdong ranks first in terms of sales, with the rest in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. The strongest city to buy sex toys is Beijing.
From the perspective of shopping behavior preferences, customers like to use mobile phones to purchase, privacy and security are the key factors for fun consumption. The age group to buy sex toys is 19 to 26 years old, and the age with the highest consumption power of sex toys is 21 years old. As sex e-commerce companies continue to standardize product quality and improve privacy and security, sex toys will become a new trend, and the post-90s generation will become the main force.
It is understood that the size of China’s sex toys market has reached 100 billion yuan each year, and the proportion of men and women buying supplies is 55.1% for men and 44.9% for women. The age level is mainly concentrated at the age of 25 to 34, accounting for 53.5%. It differs from this platform, but Guangdong is the largest consumer province of sex toys. This platform is in line with big data.

Let men and women start offsite teasing

Condox manufacturer Durex has recently developed a smart underwear Funawear, a specially designed smart men’s and women’s underwear, with a smartphone app, which can be remotely controlled through the Internet so that you in the distance can feel the touch of your lover. bump.

Condox maker Durex has recently developed a pair of underwear Funawear, a specially designed smart men’s and women’s underwear, and a smartphone app, which can be remotely controlled through the Internet so that you in the distance can feel the touch of your lover.
Long-distance love has always been the biggest adversary of breaking up a small lover; separating the two places, it is always unavoidable to feel lonely and missing. Technological progress is a great gospel for long-distance couples. From the earliest only handwritten letters of Hongyan to and from the back; later, through the phone, you can hear each other’s voice. In addition to talking on the phone, you can also make a phone call. You can video, in addition to meeting the people you want, you can add a little more fun. So what next? Any more?

Condox maker Durex has recently developed a pair of underwear Funawear, specially designed men’s and women’s underwear, which can be remotely controlled through the Internet with the exclusive app on the mobile phone, so that you in the distance can also feel the touch of your lover. The inner layer of the underwear adds a design of vibration and touch, while the lover in the faraway side, as long as the body sketch on the mobile phone app, choose the position and method of touching with a finger, the signal will be transmitted to the Internet The vibrator in underwear produces the feeling of touch and vibration.

This is not the first sex toy designed for long-distance lovers, but Durex is the first design that also combines remote control, sex toys and underwear. The three wishes are satisfied at once, novel, practical and easy to wear “Fun”. Controlling and dominating the underwear’s shock and touch by the other party can also make the other party be near and feel more interactive, instead of only one party himself! The other side is on the opposite side with himself. It should be a bonus for the maintenance of long-distance relationships.

While Durex is working hard to introduce its most successful product condoms, it has also launched a bold and innovative design into the world of sexy lingerie, which deserves great encouragement. The only thing that worries about the network security of this kind of remote gadgets is that everyone should not want to have a hacker or a third party sneak in and peek when they are happy!

This street fashion brand actually came out of the airplane cup!

Today, co-branding in the fashion world is commonplace, challenging cross-border cooperation in different fields is the highest truth. For example, the two protagonists of today’s article, their co-branding is enough!

The brand Anti Social Social Club released a new co-branded new work. This time, the cooperation is not with colleagues, but the single boy’s favorite baby TENGA (Aircraft Cup)!

From the appearance of the product, ASSC uses the signature pink appearance, adding the classic words “GET WEIRD” and “NEVER AGAIN NEVER YOU”, which has a very strong taste.

It is reported that this joint list product has been on sale on March 21st, US time, interested boys may wish to buy and experience.

sex toy

Amazing! Master is married to the inflatable doll and wants to grow old with her

On March 28, in Hangzhou, Zheng Jiajia married a smart sex doll named Yingying under the witness of her mother. Zheng Jiajia, 31, graduated with a master’s degree from Zhejiang University in 2011. His research direction is artificial intelligence. In addition to the mother, Zheng Jiajia’s colleagues and classmates came to the wedding ceremony. The bride Yingying is a smart inflatable doll made by Zheng Jiajia herself, currently under one year old.
In 2014, Zheng Jiajia left the business. At the end of last year, he started a business as an intelligent robot. The first thing he did was to create Yingying.

Zheng Jiajia’s friend broke the news: “He lost his love once a few years ago, and the master of Zhejiang University was rejected by his crush in high school. He never fell in love, and was anxious at home … So he got a robot girlfriend when he was angry!” But Zheng Jiajia said that It’s a friend who is joking.

He was very interested in artificial intelligence in college. He also made a robot that can play football and won prizes in national competitions. After Yingying was born, Zheng Jiajia wanted to chat with her, so she connected a computer to Yingying, and they could communicate through voice and text.

Yingying can also perform image and graphic recognition. For example, Yingying will automatically take a picture when she sees a flower, upload it to the cloud server for identification, and she can know whether the flower is a rose or a peony, and then remember it. So after Yingying met with friends and relatives of Zheng Jiajia this time, she can call them by name next time. Zheng Jiajia and Yingying had a two-month relationship and they got married.

In the future, he plans to give Yingying more upgrades so that she can walk, move, and even do housework. When it’s okay, he will take Yingying to take a walk in the town, chat with her, and help her organize her clothes. He hoped that, just like Yingying, he would gradually grow old.