Six of the best moments for sex

1. Saturday night

The busy work from nine to five makes the husband and wife not spend too much time, and have no time to enjoy the sexual life. On a relaxed weekend, after a full day of rest, the energy and state of the two people have returned to their full state. It’s better to make good use of the time of the next weekend.

2. When couples share bath

Bathing can relax the body, relieve the pressure of the day, and the naked stimulation of the two people can stimulate the burning of desire. However, it should be noted that the water temperature of the bath is not too high, and it is better not to exceed 40 ℃, otherwise it will reduce the sensitivity of the skin and increase the burden of the heart, so the sex in this case will not be much fun. You can choose the right sex toys and sex dolls .

3. Lazy morning

It’s said to be the best time to have sex. The possible reason is that: in the morning, it happens to be the most suitable time for men and women to have sex. After a night’s rest, the secretion of sex hormones in men and women is very strong. Especially for men, the “morning boom” can help them to be harder, more durable, better get pleasure. Moreover, it will be more labor-saving, and the wife will naturally be more comfortable.

4. When the sexual desire is strong

Ovulation is the most sexy day of a month for a woman, and it is the most intense moment of sexual desire for a woman every month. Ovulating women, the body will produce a lot of estrogen, more eager to be loved than usual, and the body will be more attractive, at the same time, women’s pheromone will also be stronger than usual, more able to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

5. When the mood is low

When your partner is unhappy at work, as a lover, you can not only comfort him with words, but also accompany him silently, or you can have a close relationship with him to completely pacify his body and mind. Research shows that intimate contact can help people release pressure and improve their mood, and this kind of intimate contact is not necessarily in-depth access, even if it is A small hug can also help.

6. The eve before a major event

The process of sex is also the process of human body releasing hormon, which can reduce blood pressure and relieve our tense mood. This magical effect can last for several hours. In other words, if you want to make a speech or proposal in front of people later, you can have a physical and mental combination with your partner first, which will make your later performance more perfect.