Sexual starved are not exclusive to men

In fact, sexual starved are not born to belong to men’s key words. Since ancient times, in line with the truth of “the same sex repels, the opposite sex attracts”, of course, women are also thirsty, but more implicit. When this era of diversity comes, women’s rights are higher in the society. Women are not as low-key as they used to be. They will be reflected in their sexual life. When they see handsome men, they are more starve than men.

Want to meet a handsome guy, Lecherous men will talk to some beauties they have never met in some special occasions, so do lecherous women, but more implicitly. In the party, if you find a strange handsome guy, you will immediately become very friendly and try to make him actively chat up with you. If he doesn’t, he will be very upset and sad.

Watch TV only for handsome men, For a bad movie, the best box office group is the lascivious woman who has no idea. It’s just to look for popular male stars. When a pornographic woman treats a movie or TV play, the criteria for judging whether it looks good or not is whether the actors are handsome, how handsome they are, and the number of handsome men. Of course, they are also very active in using sex toy and sex dolls.

Like an aunt checking her account, As long as you hear the word “handsome man” appears, you will be very excited. If he is a star, you will ask which movie he made and what album he produced like fans. If he is someone in life, you will ask about his name, age, address and marriage status like a neighborhood committee aunt.

Curious about men’s looks, All of them are “Curiosity Kills cats”. Women’s curiosity is quite heavy, just like children. For a new male colleague who hasn’t met, what interests him most is not his education background, level and ability, but what he looks like, and secretly prays that he is a handsome man.

Just as men will be attracted by beautiful lingerie model ads when they go shopping, lustful women like to go in and out of clothing stores and mobile phone stores with photos of the first mate of men’s models. They rush through the commodities on the goods greeting, but their eyes stay on the men’s models’ advertising posters for more than five seconds.

Comment on appearance first, In this age of material desire expansion, men’s added value is the most important, but it is not the case for lustful women. When they express their opinions to a heterosexual, they will first say how the man looks, and then others. Of course, when the man looks really bad, they don’t want to say anything else.

This will lead many lustful women astray. The reason is that they like to divide people by their looks. When dealing with people, sensitive language will be divided according to their looks. The same sentence will be humorous when it comes out of a handsome man’s mouth, and it will be poor when it comes out of a frog’s mouth.

Women love shopping, which is women’s nature, the earth people all know. But the purpose of lustful women’s shopping is “drunken man doesn’t mean drinking”. When a person goes shopping, his eyes wander from one handsome guy to another. If he finds that one handsome guy can’t see it, he will call his friends and complain: shopping is boring.

The definition of lustful woman to handsome man still stays at the level of Pan’an, thinking that a man with amorous style and writing must be a handsome man. In BBS, when you see a very sensitive text, you will imagine the author. When you meet someone who is not handsome at all, you will be very disappointed. You will feel that he must have plagiarized those words.

It’s a q-shaped “psychosexual” symptom shared by lecherous women. The imagination of lecherous women is very rich. No matter what kind of occasion you see a handsome man, you will use the extraordinary thinking of a woman to imagine holding hands with him, dating him, marrying him, giving birth to a son and growing old in a short time.

When it comes to desire and dissatisfaction, we always think it’s the patent of young people, especially young men, who are eager for women’s bodies all the time. In fact, “sexual hunger and thirst” is not a man’s patent. After women experience the beauty of sex, they are also very painful without the nourishment of men.