Sex Doll shopping guide

Realistic sex doll ,One is tpe and the other is silica gel. The craftsmanship is similar. Don’t worry, tpe is relatively rough in the hand (you can wear clothes and stockings), oil will be released in the later period, and there will be peculiar smell in the later period, and the price is relatively cheap. The silicone feels relatively smooth, has no peculiar smell, and is more expensive. There is also platinum silicone, which is more resistant to aging, high temperature and environmental protection than ordinary silicone. In fact, it is silicone. (The first two materials are also It meets environmental protection requirements and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.) Of course, the price is more touching.

I personally do not recommend it, because it is impossible to distinguish the difference between ordinary silica gel and platinum silica gel for ordinary baby friends. It is easy to fall into unscrupulous profiteers. Trap, while the large Japanese manufacturers cost $6,000 to $7,000 , which is not what I wait for ordinary people to spend (what is not good to buy, what kind of doll to buy), in terms of personal opinion, I want to buy vent toys and buy tpe sex doll , Take pictures, model, be a daughter, buy silicone.

First of all, if you can buy a realistic sex doll, you can buy a big one. If you buy a small one, you must buy a letter. Don’t buy a miscellaneous brand that you don’t know where to come out. I have never heard of it. Some black-hearted manufacturers even use 95 % Of recycled materials are used to make dolls, deforming and smelling, and the dolls are ugly, and you will not have time to cry.

The big factory sells expensive, naturally there is a reason to be expensive, craftsmanship, quality, are very important, the quality control of the big factory can be assured. For small factories, quality must yield to revenue. Because some problems are not serious, they can also be shipped. This is also the reason for the unstable quality of some small factories.

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