Emotional discord, mostly sexual discord, can act as a buffer

Now the divorce rate is very high, most people say is not because of affection, or is the so-called “seven year itch”, however, this might not be true, according to the statistics of the so-called emotional discord may only be disharmony in sex, one party cannot meet the requirements of the other party, sexual life is not happy, relationship with just a figleaf. Because real people are less likely to be pushed around and give you all kinds of shy gestures like real dolls.

If you have already divorce, then you can try to buy a solid silica gel doll, that do a very realistic entity silica gel doll is very beautiful, sexy, shape also is very perfect, deserve to go up all sorts of fun clothes, allows you to experience a variety of you have never experienced posture, bring you never had the pleasure, let you on the desires and mind to be able to get more satisfied. This will also prevent you from doing something bad because of your excess desire. At the same time in the actual combat make love with the physical doll in the process, also can find you find confidence, new face new life.

Some negative comments have been seen on some forums, with some netizens saying “If I had known there was a physical silicone doll, I would not have gotten married or had a girlfriend”. Although this idea is wrong, to some extent, it also reflects our pursuit of sexual diversity, life should be more interesting.

In fact, when your life after marriage, husband and wife in life, in particular, there have been some bad signal, emotions in declining situation, if you can buy a real silicone doll, used to vent that you have no desire to be satisfied, catharsis, find self-confidence, and forget the bad in life, positive face, think more about each other’s good side, so solid silicone dolls can also be used as a buffer, oh can largely avoid marriage crisis.