Why does a physical doll have a skeleton, and what does a skeleton do to a physical doll?

A normal quality physical doll usually has a skeleton (skeleton), which is an important part of the physical doll. So why does a physical doll have bones? What’s the use?

entity doll bone on the bending of the body, position transformation has an important role, it is because the entity dolls with bone, when we make love with them can the be fond of according to oneself, to make a variety of shy posture, can obtain a variety of different experiences, unlock many can only be seen in the movie.

If entity dolls have made from bone and silica gel (or TPE materials), bone skeleton is roughly stainless steel plate or composite metal laser cutting processing, the difference depends on the material used is stainless steel plate or composite metal materials, production and manufacturing, include all mechanical processing and manufacturing, skeleton joints spirit degree, etc.

The solid doll is embedded with artificial ergonomic aluminum alloy skeleton. Some good products can be bent at will for precise positioning, and the range of bone movement can reach 85-90% of the range of human joint movement. As a result, the position of the physical doll turns more easily and can change all kinds of make love positions you want, such as kneeling position, backward position, riding position, etc., so that you can have a more comfortable feeling in the make love process.

So, when we buy a physical doll, in addition to paying attention to her materials, we also need to pay attention to her bones, to see how she bends and what positions she can achieve, which will be very important for your future use.