Sex doll as companion?

It is not surprising that Japanese like sex dolls. But they do not have such a widely distributed doll brothel in Europe. The meaning of physical dolls for them is far more than sex toys. From custom-made dolls to AI artificial intelligence dolls, they all have a desire to give life and personality to sex dolls.

Some of the most realistic sex dolls may cost tens of thousands of dollars to complete customization. Because advanced technology makes them come to life. But not everyone likes sex dolls that are too artificially artificial. There is a huge community of men, who get more sex life than dolls. These guys form a real emotional attachment on the doll and share life with them.

In the UK, a married couple has hundreds of realistic doll that are treat as normal family members to watch TV, take photos, and dinner together, but have never had sex with a doll. These dolls are not limited to men. At present, many brands are beginning to mass-produce sex dolls for women. At the same time, we also have smart sex dolls , because in the end we are pursuing conversation and interaction with them.

Realistic sex doll can satisfy your physical needs, the need for security, and also desire for love. These are what we all need, but the way each person chooses is different.