Seven skills to ignite sexual desire

1. The temptation of “biting the ear”

In your sexual life, don’t touch too close, only temptation can’t touch. This process doesn’t take a long time, just a few minutes, let her feel your warm breath, and show your “biting ear” skill to your heart’s content. If there is any temptation, there is a very attractive warmth around, but it can’t touch. This temptation is painful and addictive.

2. Consideration of details

Compared with the formal theme, the continuous love words and meticulous consideration can more directly attack the heart of women and reach the deep. Tightly clasped with her ten fingers, fiddling with her broken hair, caring for her tenderly, but without further excessive demands, slowly softening her heart can make her actively give up herself. If you don’t have a partner, sex toys and sex dolls are great choices.

3. Unique way of intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t mean just touching the sexual organs of both sides. On the contrary, fast sex is very annoying for women. It’s better to create more unique ways of intimacy, caress the places that are easy to be ignored in normal times, so that women can put into the state faster and make more satisfactory feedback.

4. The temptation to play hard

Let her temperature cause your actions, not burn her out at one time. For example, before she does not actively grasp your hand and put it between her legs, she just swims around the private place until she can’t bear it completely, and makes a woman who is willing to turn into a bed special object with thousands of styles.

5. stripping inadvertently

Don’t take off all her clothes and trousers at once. Slowly, one by one, take off her clothes until she has only the vest that fits her best. This sense of bondage is not only a kind of extreme temptation for you, but also a kind of wrapped security for women, which greatly stimulates the sexy valve of her body and mind.

6. Come to be rude at the right time

It’s just teasing. Can it be called a pure man? Sex should be passionate. It’s OK to show a man’s heroism. But it’s necessary to let her fully trust her at a mature time. You can hold your wrist, press your shoulders and kiss forcefully in a very masculine way Can bring her more stimulation.