Secret – which age group women love to use sex toys

According to the survey, women over the age of 40 have the highest attention to sexual sex products and the highest enthusiasm for purchase. Appeal underwear that I didn’t dare to wear in the past is now a hot item, and it’s sun-dried.

As we all know, sex toys can be used in the absence of people’s own sexual functions, or in the absence of a partner, for singles, divorced or off-site love, in the absence of a partner, lack of normal life, sex toys may be A better choice to solve the problem.

In addition, sex toys can also be used as an aid between normal couples. Some people regard sex toys as abnormal, abnormal, and unhealthy. These are all incorrect opinions or prejudices. Because people can use eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc. to solve their vision and lack of hearing function, why can’t they solve the problems in the couple’s life with the use of sex toys? Many users have said that the use of sex toys can greatly improve the quality of couples’ sex life.

Of course, sex toys are not omnipotent. They can’t replace people’s emotional input and psychological needs, so it is still important to establish a happy marriage and harmonious husband and wife life.