Robot will be the basic configuration of every family

Believe that every man’s heart should have a perfect wife, but such a wife in the real world, basically can not find, they are far more rare than the giant panda precious. Especially for Chinese male friends, this kind of wife is a dream thing, we should know that China with the imbalance of male and female ratio, now the status of women is getting higher and higher, high bride price, high living expenses have become a heavy pressure on Chinese.

There are a lot of men who can’t afford a wife and are now bachelors, and this trend is likely to be even more pronounced in the future. Even if some male friends can get a wife, the chance of marrying a gentle, virtuous and beautiful wife may be lower than the chance of winning the first prize in the lottery. Some friends can not marry a beautiful wife, the appearance of the average is not willing to marry, finally can only choose to be single, so the single rate of Chinese men is increasingly high. The appearance of intelligent beauty robot will solve these problems of men in the future. Every man can choose the robot wife he needs, and even you can customize your own special intelligent beauty robot.

Third advantage, good performance, Japan is now announced codename “wife” of the beauty of the robot, its performance can be said to be the world’s top. Not only the skin adopts very high quality imitation skin, but also the internal temperature control system, which can make the skin feel temperature and touch, and the sweating system, which is completely imitating the real person. If you didn’t know she was a robot, you would feel the same as holding a real person. And female robot hair, are made of human hair, emitting a light fragrance. The robot, which also has relevant smart chips and programs inside, is a mobile computer that can make weather forecasts and surf the Internet. At the same time it is a smart home good help, can help you wash clothes, cooking, cleaning and so on.

Although the Japanese robot, codenamed “wife”, is very good, it is far from the intelligent robot of the future. The superiority of an intelligent robot is more reflected in the intelligence degree of the artificial intelligence it carries. Our current artificial intelligence is not really artificial intelligence, natural beauty intelligent robot also performance general, can only do some things mechanically. But with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the future of artificial intelligence will be very powerful, in addition to not has human feelings and consciousness, they will be no different from human. And the artificial intelligence program of this kind of program once manned beauty intelligent robot, that is really the perfect intelligent beauty robot.

At that time, the beautiful robot will become the standard of the first family, and many families will regard them not as a robot, but as a member of the family. Because at that time the intelligent robot can bring people great help, take the family as an example, the beauty intelligent robot can help you to cook, wash clothes and do housework well.

Intelligent robot program can download hundreds of kinds, thousands of kinds of food production methods, beauty intelligent robot can make all kinds of food for you, you don’t need to go out or learn, you can share all kinds of food in the world, this point of human beings, no matter how strong the chef can not do. But artificial intelligence can do it.

And, after the family that has a child had beautiful woman intelligence robot, will won’t worry for taking a child again, beautiful woman intelligence robot can be like babysitter same take a child for you, and the one bit is no less than professional take a child babysitter. And the intelligent robot of beauty of the future may also become the real wives of many single men.

In the future, it may become a fashion to marry an intelligent robot. Some male friends marry a real wife, and may also marry a robot wife. Some male friends will only choose the robot wife, and do not find the wife in reality, the reason is that the beauty of intelligent robot can meet the male chauvinism of these people. Therefore, in the future, the beautiful intelligent robot will probably become a fashion and become a common consumer product just like the current mobile phone. When we walk down the street, we will see a lot of “beautiful women” with super high appearance level. At that time, you may not be able to tell whether she is a robot or a real person.

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