Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅴ- Perfect Models

These two types of dolls and the generally sold “sex dolls” have a slight difference in body proportions. Because of other important uses, their proportions and perfect face are not the same as traditional sex dolls.

Medical model

The life-size real doll produced to promote medical learning, the body structure is the most suitable for human anatomy, and it is a painful robot. Tens of millions of doctors and nurses join the job every year, and MIKOTO is a robot that helps these novice doctors practice their skills and become familiar with various medical technologies. When a novice doctor is not operating properly and MIKOTO is under excessive stress or suffocation, she will have a similar reaction to a real person. It can also advise the operator to indicate the error of the operation.

Display model

Today, in all kinds of models, many industries need models, clothing, jewelry, auto shows, photography, art… However, there are now a number of unique “models”, silicone sex dolls are quietly entering the model market. Most silicone dolls are used to satisfy sexual needs, but as the shape of the solid doll becomes more and more realistic, the workmanship is more and more refined and beautiful.

The dolls will be used as clothing models and mannequins.The replacement of live models with silicone dolls is a new trend. Because the appearance of the silicone doll is very close to the real person, the joints can move, can do all kinds of postures, and have no temper, so it can be qualified for the work of static models.