Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅵ-Emotional sustenance,Love is irrelevant

A recent study clearly shows that real doll sex life promotes heart health and stress relief compared to normal sex life. This makes it difficult for men to find the way that suits them best.

A man goes out with an lifelike sex doll every day, eats, and even travels with it. When he first learned that he was ill, he suffered from mild depression. Thanks to this bought partner, his painful life has a new emotional sustenance.

The doll is used as a partner involved in every moment of everyday life, like enjoying a family breakfast together or spending a night watching TV. Even if the other person is a “doll doll” that does not speak, at a deeper level, this also expresses a kind of fragility and uneasiness of people’s emotions – they are afraid of being hurt.

  • Single men cured autism because of the relationship with love dolls

Before “The City of Philharmonic,” one of the many films starring Ryan Gosling had a movie about special distorted love. The taciturn of Russ’s obsession with inflatable dolls may be considered a mental illness in many people’s eyes. Who can think of such a “tool” that seems to be abnormal in many people’s eyes, gradually opening up the dusty seal Long heart window. We are also very fortunate to see that the unfortunate Lass eventually went to a beautiful ending full of hope.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅴ- Perfect Models

These two types of dolls and the generally sold “sex dolls” have a slight difference in body proportions. Because of other important uses, their proportions and perfect face are not the same as traditional sex dolls.

Medical model

The life-size real doll produced to promote medical learning, the body structure is the most suitable for human anatomy, and it is a painful robot. Tens of millions of doctors and nurses join the job every year, and MIKOTO is a robot that helps these novice doctors practice their skills and become familiar with various medical technologies. When a novice doctor is not operating properly and MIKOTO is under excessive stress or suffocation, she will have a similar reaction to a real person. It can also advise the operator to indicate the error of the operation.

Display model

Today, in all kinds of models, many industries need models, clothing, jewelry, auto shows, photography, art… However, there are now a number of unique “models”, silicone sex dolls are quietly entering the model market. Most silicone dolls are used to satisfy sexual needs, but as the shape of the solid doll becomes more and more realistic, the workmanship is more and more refined and beautiful.

The dolls will be used as clothing models and mannequins.The replacement of live models with silicone dolls is a new trend. Because the appearance of the silicone doll is very close to the real person, the joints can move, can do all kinds of postures, and have no temper, so it can be qualified for the work of static models.

Realistic Sex Doll OwnersⅢ-Spice up your sex life

Not only does it spice up your sex life, but sex dolls also play a good role in marriage. If you can’t imagine a sex doll entering your life, we will take you into the family life situation with sex dolls.

The sex doll we talked about is not inflatable sex doll, but the realistic sex doll. Of course, some couples choose torso dolls without legs and hands or even heads. It all depends on your preferences.

As a supporter of sex dolls, simulated sex dolls are undoubtedly the most popular. Life-size sex dolls can provide strong sexual excitement for their owners; try non-traditional sexual activities and enjoy the sexual skills of virtual dolls, which is cheaper than dating a real women. Sex dolls won’t do this for you. They belong to you and will obey you.

Life like sex doll will never tell you anything. To make matters worse, more and more women lose interest in sex because they work hard, such as a large workload, giving priority to children rather than you, but just losing delivery. At the end of the day, you may need to get rid of yourself. Sex dolls will never tell you no. You want her to do something for you, or you want to have a suit tonight, she will do something for you.

Japanese Rubber Romance- Avoid Heartbreaking

As we all know, in Japan, where birth rate has always been low, more and more men are called “herbivores.” They don’t have traditional male values and don’t believe in love. They just want to live without stress in their daily lives.

Disappointed with women in society, after experiencing the summer love of marriage, burnout or love failure, they are more inclined to choose a relationship without pressure, such as living with a silicone sex doll as if a real person.

There are some people who use sex dolls as family members to form new families and improve their precarious marriage. Some people regard sex dolls as true love. For them, dolls are human beings, and they are always worthy of trust. Some people live with many dolls and feel satisfied when they dress up in fantasy.

Why do they feel pressure on social relationships? Let’s listen to their voices:
A: “Japanese women are ruthless”
B: “They are very selfish, we just want to go home from work and don’t hear complaints.”
C: “They always ask for money or promise.”
D: It is clear that life-size sex dolls will never betray them, and all those worries disappear.

Will sex dolls and sex robots cause serious social problems?

The anthropomorphic dolls for women and girls have become more and more commercial.Since women and girls suffer from severe sexual violence, the addition of dolls normalizes a culture in which the female body is considered a male property.

Because sex dolls are made of silicone, they are not real, they will not be harmed, neither psychologically nor physically. Although we are talking about dolls, the male isolation we know is sure to coincide with the prosperous commercial prostitution, pornography and child sexual exploitation culture. It is such a simulated solid sex doll that does not reduce this world problem. Instead, it blocks the communication between humans.

Especially the emergence of sex doll brothels, society allows pornography and prostitution to happen, we need more norms. The objectification and commercialization of women’s images is undoubtedly the consumption of women’s bodies. All child sex dolls reinforce the lack of empathy for pedophiles because he is doing what he wants to do with the doll. The real problem is that he has no empathy. If this desire is rape, then yes, it is important to have no such desire. So the use of life-size sex dolls / robot masturbation will strengthen the culture of rape.

5 Tips Help You Pick up a Cosplay Sex Doll

  • Appearance

Thinking from the starting point of cosplay, the first thing to consider is whether the appearance is realistic and beautiful, for the final styling effect and the degree of restoration of the character. There are many different options from the size of the realistic sex doll to the material, which can be chosen according to personal taste.

  • Costume changing

Changing clothes for love dolls is also a factor that can’t be ignored by people who are keen on cosplay. If you don’t want to sweat every time you change clothes for your doll, then you must remember to choose a doll that is easy to move. Since the surface of the doll is not as smooth as the surface of the human skin, there is frictional resistance between the clothing and the contact surface of the doll. Therefore, it is important to select a doll with smooth skin surface. Generally speaking, the material of the silicone sex doll is better. The hard material can make the doll have a good shape and smoothness. The TPE sex doll is the second, but there are also many well-made dolls to solve this problem. Another important point is the ability of the doll’s joint activity to be introduced later.

  • Makeup

In addition to the oil to be cleaned and smashed, the daily maintenance of the doll should also pay attention to the problem of material aging and makeup remover. First of all, to avoid glare, sunlight, light, and ultraviolet light can cause yellowing problems. Use a fine sandpaper film to drop.

  • Skeleton

Soft joints are easy to move, and hard joints are suitable for styling. They are generally used in combination, such as hard joints for elbows on the arms and soft keys for places like fingers. The key points are the waist and ankle, which is the difference between the ornamental and the practical.

  • Weight

In general, dolls with skeletons will be heavier, and the bigger the doll is the more important the material will be. If it is affordable, it would be better to buy a full-size sex doll. Although heavier, from the ornamental to the clothing can be replaced to meet the visual enjoyment, but also a greater range of clothing to choose from, as long as the human can wear ,cosplay costume can be displayed on it. That is why many people use life-size sex dolls to shoot photography.

The Benefits of Buying a Mini Sex Doll

Anyone who bought a childlike doll found that they were easier to clean than other dolls on the same market. When you want someone who can satisfy your sexual desire, you will always have an adult doll. Lifelike dolls are always easy to maintain compared to the various options available on the market.These mini sex dolls are generally high-quality dolls. Therefore, 100cm sex dolls have become the first choice for buyers. In fact, they have become the number one seller of real-life dolls from price to use.

  • More choices of sex dolls types

Choosing to buy a baby doll has more options. When you buy any product from the market, you can always get a reasonably priced product when you need it. When you really need these adult sex dolls, you may get a lot of sex dolls when you buy the market. The cost of buying these realistic dolls is always affordable compared to other available options on the market.

  • Easier to clean and move

Anyone who has bought a life-size sex doll will know that a life-size doll is difficult to move because of its weight limitations. But mini sex dolls have this advantage and are more convenient to move and clean. The best cleaning frequency for dolls is that you should wash them immediately after use, so the cleaning steps directly affect the buyer’s experience. Of course, you can also choose the configuration of the movable vagina for your high sex dolls, which can also save you some trouble in cleaning, although the price will be more expensive, but it is worthy.

How is the attraction of sex dolls established?

We always focus on the “sex” of life-size sex dolls, but what we are more likely to overlook is the emotional connection it has with these doll lovers.

In order to let customers feel this, many businesses have also launched anthropomorphic propaganda. It’s not just about selling a product as a human toy, but raising the solid sex doll to a height where you can talk to you.

Each realistic sex doll has a separate social account, from birthdays and image settings to conveying different personalities. Each simulated doll has its own unique appeal. Like a real person, it exists in a virtual network world. Not only that, but because of their realistic appearance and beautiful appearance, they are also active in the lens of famous photographers. In addition to the users of physiological needs, there are also many emotional needs of photography enthusiasts and anime lovers.

Because of the young, stylish and personalized user base, the doll has also added many interesting needs. It also provides fresh ideas for the product design update of the featured sex doll. For example, some requirements for making special characters such as stars, elves, monsters, and female corpses , they are the basis of the entire environmental cycle.

Top Reasons They Buy Life-size Sex Dolls

As women become more powerful, sex dolls offer opportunities for men to return to the relationship that they control. Life-size Sex dolls bring comfort to men, make men loyal, and dispel male loneliness. Sex dolls will never (try to) change men, and will not do anything that makes men feel ridiculously absurd.

Those who know about sex dolls will know that mini sex dolls have always been the first choice for many people. Because they are light weight while meeting all the requirements. However, because of the restrictions of local policies, they have to choose adult sex dolls. The reasons for such enthusiasm are also multifaceted.

Will sex dolls be better than real girlfriends?

I think the most important thing is to spend less. You know that sex dolls are not cheap. You need to spend a little money to bring her home, but you can calculate it compared to the cost of your girlfriend. You can also save a lot of dating time, time is the era of money, and fewer and fewer people will spend their energy on the pursuit of girls.

Starting from yourself, sex dolls can forgive understanding of everything you have. You don’t have to understand the girl’s thoughts. It is calm and friendly to you. She will never hurt or betray you.

It will be the most perfect and ideal dream doll you have ever encountered, always. They are safe, don’t spread the disease, don’t get pregnant, and don’t complain. Can help you release stress and stay with you forever.

Is it really worth for a love doll? Thoughts on realistic sex dolls.

Realistic sex dolls can save your relationship. Maybe you think this sounds incredible, but it does have a practical effect on improving or saving a stagnant relationship. Because sex dolls may add unusual fun to your relationship. How they have changed over the years and couples can use these dolls to do something interesting. At this point, you may want to surprise your spouse.

The advantages of sex dolls are not limited to this. Compared with unguaranteed sex, the doll can not only provide a safe space to release the impulse, but also a channel to release pressure.

Sex dolls don’t get pregnant. If you don’t want to have children for any reason, sex dolls are the best, because they will never bring more monsters, and you won’t be bored.

Sex dolls don’t always have the girl’s thoughts. They are a little bit of Mars. They can offer millions of pieces beyond what you think. Sex dolls won’t do this. They are calm and good to you.

For those who have lost their love for life and those who simply don’t like human companies, these sex doll relationships provide a way to replace human interaction. In addition, when it comes to power relations, this is a relationship that individuals are still very controllable. I understand that this topic is a sensitive area when you bring feminist ideas into the equation, but for these people, love dolls are just a way of social and sexuality.