Pet dog found sex toys

Sara is a firefighter at Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service. He wrote: “Good!!!! I didn’t think of this surprise when I went to the woods today!

“Flossie sizzles in her new discovery and then walks for 2 miles, her tail proud in the air.

“Pray to God that no one will see us, you can guarantee that we are seen.”

Sarah said she tried to wrestle the toy from the three-year-old Flosi, but she refused to give it up yesterday afternoon.

The 40-year-old man claimed that her naughty idiot even thought that Sarah’s attempt to recover sexual aid was part of the game and that her poor owner chased her trying to recover it from her chin.
But Sarah of Ashington, Northumberland, said her pet’s antics caused a warm reaction from her companion dog walker.

She said that one person shouted: “Most masters give their dogs a ball,” Flosi proudly shook his tail in the air as she wandered through the forest.

Sara added: “I went on fifty kinds of red.”

sex doll