Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅱ-Replicas of dead lovers

We know that sex dolls can treat people’s loneliness, but sex dolls that make a real face need permission. Some customers who feel lonely because they are lost want to be offered a special service to create a replica of silica gel for the dead partner.

This is a design work centered on a customized service. It is possible to create a realistic reality simulation model that is almost identical to the real person. Such companies say that loneliness is a big problem in the UK, which is why we are surprised by such industries and there are still so many needs to be met.

Although we mentioned that silicone sex dolls first thought of “sex” function, in fact people often associate sex dolls with dirty and sexual. Every incoming customer can fully experience the fact that this is not the case. Despite the many different views, they finally lost their loneliness and went to find a custom-made, long-awaited realistic sex doll.

Many of us may not even understand the idea of ​​finding comfort in a replica of a dead lover, but such an approach needs to be understood and gradually accepted by society as a source of comfort.