Psychological adjustment of marriage and love: realize your situational sexual fantasies

Sex is the most personalized art. For some people, sex is a routine to deal with; while for others, sex is a rich and varied enjoyment. What kind of sex should we try in life?

1. Role play. “Everyone has a lot of sexual fantasies in sexual life “. If you are in a loyal relationship and are looking forward to some fantasies coming true, don’t be shy and play the role you want with your partner. This is an important way to keep the couple passionate. If you’re not sure where to start, try “pretending to be a stranger” with your partner, which can help people experience the other side of themselves and do what they don’t usually want to do.

2. Say what you need when make love. You may know all the words about sex, but you never dare to say them. Then be brave and try to say it out loud while doing it. You can drink some wine to make yourself bolder, and tell the other party “you can touch my ass”, “please let me reach the climax”, which can also be said in more detail. You don’t have to be shy, it will enhance your body’s feelings. If you need a sex toy or a sex doll, you can also tell her.

3. Make love in luxurious places. Studies have shown that people’s sexual excitement increases when they stay in luxury. For most couples, they don’t have enough money to live a luxurious life every day, so it’s exciting to have the chance to stay in a luxury hotel. Even if you can’t afford an expensive room in a scenic spot, try to find a beautiful and quiet place to linger.

4. In the wild or in the car. “Wild cooperation” is the most primitive way for human beings to enjoy sexual love. In nature, people will fully relax themselves. ‘if you happen to be camping in a tent, it’s a good opportunity,’ says Cox. You can also try “car shock” on the car, which may bring wonderful sexual pleasure.

5. Bathroom ‘sex warrior’. The most underrated area is the bathroom. In the bathroom mirror, you can see all the sex, it’s very exciting. Use a tub or toilet to help you make more gestures. You can light a candle, or create some misty water vapor when bathing to add interest.

6. Beach sex. Sunlight, surging waves, hot body A passion in such a good place will make you unforgettable forever. A blanket on the beach, a lounge chair, or a balcony by the sea can be a passion.

7. Make love to your ex after a breakup. You quarrel and even want to separate, but you feel that the other side has a magic power to attract you. Then make good use of the desire brought by this magic to make the love of breaking the mirror and reunion warm, confused and carry all emotions.

Whether it’s a married couple or a lover after a quarrel, the love of breaking a mirror and reuniting must make you feel the “electric shock” that you seldom feel in normal times. 8. Lazy sex. Sex doesn’t have to be pushed down like a wrestler. When you wake up at the weekend, gently remove your clothes, snuggle up with your lover, and try a relaxed and comfortable sex. It’s very conducive to decompression and connection.