Precautions for sex doll buyers

Choose a certified or reputable merchant to buy. Pay attention to the production information of the product, including raw materials and product packaging of the real doll.

Don’t buy sex dolls of low value and low quality because they are cheap. Many times, we are easily deceived by seemingly reliable products and low prices. Don’t give up the supervision of quality because it seems to be a trustworthy brand product. Don’t buy products whose price is too far from the value of the real thing. These are lessons that are not worth the candle.

Avoid pectin

A little knowledge can help a lot when watching sex cartoons using sex dolls. For example, “jelly gel” is a material used in many products, and is treated with any amount of plastic softener, or “phthalate.” Phthalates are harmful and may have a carcinogenic effect. This information can help you make the right purchase choice and keep it safe.

Multi-channel knowledge

You’d better find out the real evaluation of the life-size sex dolls you want to buy online before buying a sex doll. There are many related forums or communities on the Internet that have great reference value. If necessary, you can ask them on the Internet and let them tell you the information you need.