You know how to identify the quality of sex doll?

You want to know how to effectively identify the quality of sex doll? Here are 3 practical ways to effectively identify the quality of sex doll.

The appearance can be obtained and identified remotely through the Internet and other methods. This is the basic method of identification, but the effect is not satisfactory — after all, you don’t know whether the goods you receive are the goods he showed you, so it can only be used for preliminary screening.

real doll

Personal test and experience
If there are conditions, we suggest to the manufacturers booth experience, can also directly to the factory to order on-site, personally touch, pose, pro-body adult dolls weight and feel and private place. In addition to being able to effectively identify the quality of the doll, it can also avoid the risk of direct online payment.

Distinguish quality from function
Although the inferior sex doll has poor tactile sensation, poor material quality, peculiar smell and easy to break, not every inferior doll will provide intelligent function, perfect structure and high-quality skeleton, etc. Therefore, the quality can be distinguished from the function, intelligence and skeleton posture.