Please handle your sexual dolls properly.

Some people don’t know how to destroy a sex doll. It’s not in the river, it’s thrown at the garbage dump. When you decide you don’t want it, you must know how to destroy it. After all, the sex doll is very similar to the real person. Scared others.

Every time there will be various news reports where to find the “corpse”, and finally found to be a sex doll, this kind of false alarm is really annoying, fortunately this is not the real murder scene, but just an oolong.

Generally, it takes a lot of money to destroy a doll. Since you choose to buy a sex doll, you must know how to destroy it, instead of simply throwing it away.

Perhaps it is a serious, casual, disposable doll that is not uncivilized. After being discovered, the police reported that it was a misunderstanding. This not only wastes the police’s time but also makes everyone around me feel guilty.

So, please manage your sex doll properly, even if you don’t want it, you have to deal with it.