Nine things seal a woman’s orgasm

1. Contraceptives. Dr Cynthia Graham, a sexologist at the University of Southampton in the UK, believes the pill is a key factor in reducing women’s libido. A new study involving 1101 sexually active women from Indiana University found that compared with condoms, hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills and contraceptive stickers are more likely to cause women’s sexual arousal, orgasm reduction, lack of vaginal lubrication during sexual life, decreased pleasure and sexual frequency.

2. Not paying attention when having sex. A study at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that important areas of the brain go “off” during orgasm. This shows that to reach the climax, it’s best not to be ambivalent. In the process of sex, all kinds of interference factors should be minimized or avoided. Use sex dolls and sex toys to increase interest if you can’t concentrate during sex.

3. Antidepressants. Dr. Barry comesaluk, Professor of neuroscience and psychology at Rutgers University and an expert in orgasm research, said that antidepressants and antipsychotics have a very strong inhibitory effect on orgasm. These drugs can improve the brain serotonin level, reduce the level of dopamine, the brain euphoria hormone, and then seriously affect sexual arousal and orgasm.

4. Genetic genes. Researchers at St. Thomas Hospital in the UK conducted a study on the sexual life of 4000 twin women. Half of them are identical twins with similar genes, and the rest are heterozygous twins with different genes. The results showed that the “climax difference” related to genetic factors was as high as 34% ~ 45%.

5. Poor blood flow. Dr. Graham Jackson, a cardiologist and President of the London Association for sexual consultation, said scientific research has confirmed that erectile problems in men are closely related to poor blood flow caused by poor vascular health. Some experts believe that poor blood circulation may also be a female “orgasm killer.”. Like the penis, the clitoris needs enough blood flow, which is essential for arousal and orgasm.

6. Sexual ignorance. Dr. gram said the most common cause of women’s difficulty with orgasm was “sexual ignorance.”. There is a large amount of evidence that both husband and wife should learn about orgasm and sexual skills, which is particularly important for women.

7. Getting older. For women, androgens are also orgasmic hormones, according to Dr. moping, author of the mystery of female hormones. With the increase of age, the androgen level in female body will gradually decrease, and the frequency of orgasm and the intensity of sexual desire will also decrease. Therefore, middle-aged women should be supplemented with androgen when necessary.

8. Get fat. Dr Nick parnay, a gynaecologist in London, UK, said that obesity can change hormone levels in the body and affect sexual pleasure. Weight gain will lead to the excessive increase of sex hormone binding globulin, which will lead to the decrease of androgen level, thus affecting sexual desire and orgasm. In addition, obesity may also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which will lead to the reduction of blood flow in the heart during the stimulation of genitals and brain, and damage the neural signal transmission channels closely related to sexual arousal and orgasm.

9. Fake orgasm. A survey found that as many as 70% of women said they had pretended to orgasm. However, Dr. Knowles, a sexual consultant, said that as long as the woman pretends to orgasm, even once, the man may think that a certain way of sex is the best way to satisfy his wife, which has been tried repeatedly. Women will never reach a real orgasm.