Live shot: married man fell in love with “sex doll”, Separated from his wife and living with the doll, Claim to have found true love!

The man choose decorations for the sex doll

A 62-year-old man who fell in love with a sex doll in Japan, this hit the hot search list, The pressure of life, the change of pace of life, changing everyone’s life. It gives us a new understanding of true love, true love can also be with sex dolls.

The man take a walk with his sex doll

The world is big and full of wonders! Japanese man has finally found his true love – a sex doll, the daily mail reported.

The man and sex doll watch TV together

They often watch movies and TV together is very happy, he said he is not boring, with her company. This married man is not a idler. He has a family. The man is married, has a wife and a father of two children, but enjoys the special relationship when it comes to falling in love with the sex doll.

The man buy clothes for the sex doll

He still loves and enjoys this special relationship. The Japanese man, who has separated from his wife to spend time with his true love, has moved out of his home and rented a house. Live a comfortable life.

The man took the sex doll in the car and fastened the seat belt for her.

“To me, Sazhen is more than a plastic doll or a piece of rubber.” The man said frankly “she will never betray me or stay with me for money. I am tired of the reality of people in modern society, they have no love in their heart ” Every day when he goes out for a walk, he must bring his true love “sex doll”, From the picture, we can see the happy expression of the man.

The man is combing the doll’s hair.

The man is enjoying the beautiful moment now! He combed the doll’s hair. For the occurrence of such things, ordinary people are difficult to understand and accept, I think, perhaps his family relationship is not harmonious, family contradictions caused by. Also hope he early return to his family.

The man sleeps with the sex doll

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