Japanese Rubber Romance- Avoid Heartbreaking

As we all know, in Japan, where birth rate has always been low, more and more men are called “herbivores.” They don’t have traditional male values and don’t believe in love. They just want to live without stress in their daily lives.

Disappointed with women in society, after experiencing the summer love of marriage, burnout or love failure, they are more inclined to choose a relationship without pressure, such as living with a silicone sex doll as if a real person.

There are some people who use sex dolls as family members to form new families and improve their precarious marriage. Some people regard sex dolls as true love. For them, dolls are human beings, and they are always worthy of trust. Some people live with many dolls and feel satisfied when they dress up in fantasy.

Why do they feel pressure on social relationships? Let’s listen to their voices:
A: “Japanese women are ruthless”
B: “They are very selfish, we just want to go home from work and don’t hear complaints.”
C: “They always ask for money or promise.”
D: It is clear that life-size sex dolls will never betray them, and all those worries disappear.