Cosplay Love Doll Wig Purchase Tips

Wigs affect the appearance of the character your realistic sex doll play. Many popular characters in the animation industry can recognize them with their hair. Think of the yellow double […]

High End Love Doll Exhibition in Shibuya & New York

Mentioning realistic sex dolls must not neglect Japanese oriental industry, it can be said to be the weight figure in the world of love dolls. Sexual appetite is the normal […]

Japanese Rubber Romance- Avoid Heartbreaking

As we all know, in Japan, where birth rate has always been low, more and more men are called “herbivores.” They don’t have traditional male values and don’t believe in […]

The most expensive sex doll in history, $72680.00

This “doll” is made by the Japanese love doll manufacturer. The price is so high. It is also the reason for it. First of all, its appearance is the same […]

Japanese developed otakus cultural industry chain

Due to the development of the Japanese animation industry, there are industries surrounding the animation industry. For example, the Garage Kit industry in Japan is very developed, and the otaku […]

How does your doll bring you happiness?

To be honest, the evolution of sex dolls is actually a long process, from the initial inflatable dolls or blasting dolls to silicone dolls to the current sex doll robots. […]

It’s that time of year again-Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Air is full off romance and love, lovers are sweet in sweet days. But it’s not to singles. If you can not think of […]

Take you to know Japanese erotic service

In Japan, there are many pornographic industries. However, this legally has many legal provisions on sexual services, but prostitutes are actually illegal in the local area. Japanese law stipulates that […]