How effectively prevent the real doll from dyeing

For the sex doll we may all worry about a problem, that is the real doll’s skin accidentally dirty how to clean it? Or is it that the real doll has been in place for too long and the skin has become dusty or stained? If it is found at the first time, gently wipe the doll’s skin with a wet towel, of course, it can be used together with body wash or soap. After the surface of the doll skin is dry, you can give the doll talcum powder, making the doll skin more smooth and elastic. There is also a problem is the sex doll placed for a long time, the skin surface will appear oil phenomenon, this is due to the silicone oil material in the raw materials, is a normal phenomenon, do not worry too much, just need to maintain the doll regularly.

Sex dolls are soft because they are oily, which makes them easier to dye. So how do you effectively prevent the real doll from dyeing? Wear clothes that don’t fade easily. Buy light colors such as white, pink, or flesh. Stockings are also white or flesh-colored. If you want black or red, dust the legs with talcum powder, then cover them with flesh-colored stockings, and then cover them with black stockings.

Sheets close to the doll’s body, pillows,sofas, chairs, etc., are also color-resistant, or are separated by a thick, color-resistant blanket, or are padded with plastic sheeting to allow the doll to sit or lie on. Do not place oily objects such as paint and ink around the sex doll. In fact, it is very simple to prevent the dyeing of the real doll, as long as there are no fading objects around, such as clothes sheets, etc. can be washed with clean water first, to make sure that the color does not fade before she wears.

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In case of careless dyeing, try oil-water separation makeup remover or olive oil, or pigment diluent, or really can not use the dispel paste. Usage: light and moderate staining – apply the remover evenly to the staining area and place the doll in a dry and cool place after rubbing. After 24 hours, the staining area will be removed. If it is not washed out of the problem, this time you can use the manufacturer’s distribution of the cream. Users who are not sure how to use it can ask customer service. If there is a more serious problem can not solve their own contact sellers immediately, do not blindly deal with their own.