Interesting Numbers to help you understand the secrets of sex

The number of sexual love in sexual life, this is some interesting sexual knowledge, but also you did not know these sexual knowledge! For example, women’s love capacity, women’s probability of pretending to orgasm, women’s attitude towards men’s housework.

Figure 20: the average amount of female love liquid is 20 ml. The average amount of love fluid a woman secretes during each sexual encounter is 20 ml. There are many kinds of love fluid: the germicidal fluid secreted from vagina at the beginning; the lubricant secreted during sexual excitement; and the mucus secreted during orgasm to help sperm pass through.

Number 103: the average person has sex 103 times a year. People always want to know how often to have sex, Dr. Kerner said. Generally speaking, before the age of 50, women have sex 100 times a year on average, and they are healthier. On average, they use sex toys and sex dolls more than half the time.

Number 48: 48% of women once pretended to orgasm. Sex experts believe that occasionally pretending to orgasm will make your partner happy, but always pretending to orgasm will make women lose the pleasure of enjoying sex. Only by strengthening the communication with your partner and working together can you reach the climax.

Digital sex is also a kind of knowledge, which not only can bring people happiness and excitement, but also contains many magical digital laws. Recently, the American women’s Day magazine collected data from a number of sexologists, hoping to make people know more about sex.

Figure 84: 84% of women think men are sexy when they do housework. When watching a man clean the room carefully, it is easy for a woman to have the idea of “repay him with sex”. Scientific research has found that men and women are more sexually active in clean rooms.

Number 16: 16 hours of orgasm in a person’s lifetime. Suppose a person lives to be 78 years old, and his total orgasm time is about 16 hours. On average, people enjoy only 2.02 seconds of ecstasy every day.

Figure 20: the average foreplay time is 20 minutes. Dr. Kerner, a sexologist, studies that foreplay can enrich sex and prolong pleasure. “The brain is the largest sex organ, and talking about sex is foreplay.”

Number 200: half an hour of sex consumes an average of 200 calories. Dr Gilda Carr, an expert on sex and marriage, said sex was the best way to lose weight. In the process of sex, kissing and changing posture will burn calories.

Among the sex figures mentioned above, the number of orgasms, the number of sex, and the average amount of foreplay time, are these alternative knowledge very new?