I once indirectly contacted a sex toy experience instructor

That was in the summer of 3 years ago when I got up and was going to the bathroom, I accidentally saw a few pictures of unsuitable children on my colleague’s computer desktop.

At first, I only thought it was a joke from a colleague. Later, after contact, I realized that there was a profession in the market called sex toy experience teacher.

She is a funny, cool, and odd woman. I have never met her. I don’t even know what she looks like. I have only communicated online.

About her information, I heard more from colleagues.

She is a little older than I am a few years old and is said to have been in this business for some time. Often, many manufacturers will take the initiative to contact her, ask her to evaluate some new products and recommend to netizens, and she will occasionally plant some high-quality plants for netizens, and then let everyone find and buy them by themselves.

She is not the kind of person with a strong “sexual desire”, nor the person who “opens her legs and waits for a man”. To be precise, she is only interested in sexual psychology and sex studies of men and women and wants to do something that others dare not do It’s just a matter.

Being a sex toy experience teacher is only part of her job. The threshold is not high, and you can get an extra income to solve your daily expenses.
Colleagues said: “Last time I saw her measuring a ball, it looked almost as big as a golf ball. “The expression was slightly surprised.

I have also read a review, which is really not easy. In addition to describing the feeling of personal experience, you must also feel the packaging appearance, touch, smell and taste, etc., and write an experience report that can be liked and paid for by others.

According to her, this is a manual job. “”I don’t know how many people are allowed to be “Jin Ping Mei”. Look. “”

She is very easy-going, maybe everyone is in a safe network environment, she will discuss some grounded men and women with netizens, and occasionally share some good reviews and negative reviews after the experience.

Perhaps it is because we are not friends. Even in front of her, I seem to have lost the ability to organize language. I don’t know what to say that I don’t care, and I don’t know what to say.

But I heard that when they do their business, they are often subject to some harassment. They are often asked many questions: “Where did you come from so much gender knowledge?”
“Have you been with many people? Why do you know so clearly?”
“Do you use every toy when you evaluate sex toys?”
“Do you rely on sex toys and don’t like to applaud people?”
“What should I do with some of the tricks?”
“Do your parents know what you are doing?”
“You should understand your partner so well, right?”

What’s more, they will ask for some private photos. But they generally ignore it, and occasionally pick a few “real” questions to answer when they are in a good mood.

And those 260,000 accounts, each account spent more than 4,000 yuan on average, I really, one can not understand, the other feel sick.

Teacher Mikami, Teacher Hatano, so many teachers aren’t they fragrant? Are you going to see this kind of stuff? What makes me unable to understand is that some members feel that they are innocent and are the victims?

To tell the truth, it is normal to have needs, but you cannot “beautify” perverted behaviors into needs. “”

There are probably more kind people in the world, and what seems to be the closest to human nature is also sex. We haven’t talked about anything anymore, so we went to work separately.

The sunlight outside was dipped in chili water, and there was no shady place on the open street. Someone said: “The sex toy experience teacher, like a small stream sandwiched between extremely cold glaciers and hot lava, feels the most malicious attack and the most forgiving understanding.”

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