The ‘real Function’ of physical dolls

In the age of information explosion, we are not unfamiliar with the term inflatable doll

The word itself carries a lot of aura, both good and bad

A good reputation goes without saying

We are amazed by the pictures that our kids have sent out in the post bar, on Twitter and on various channels

But there is also a bad reputation

The reason for this is that somehow, the widespread ‘fame’ of the physical dolls is, of course, negative.

The desire to buy an inflatable doll is usually accompanied by an impulse, and over time, the adult label on the head of the doll will not be removed. The person who buys him will also be treated differently.


Do physical dolls function as adults?

Yes, and for sure.

But is that the only feature?

The answer, of course, is no.

After a long time of updating and iteration, the physical doll has long been separated from the inflatable doll and pure adult products! From the point of view, there is no doubt that the physical doll’s appearance is varied. Down to the petite and cute only about 65CM small doll. A 1:1 ratio of physical dolls that are virtually indistinguishable from real ones, except for life.

Every physical doll’s appearance can be said to be flawless, after all — every doll’s skin and face are created to the best of human wishes, and it is not unusual, even natural, to feel flawless.

However, there are also accidents — such as winning a prize in shipping, or just receiving defective products from the manufacturer, etc., except for our needs


Then, the last point of this article

Don’t expect her to do your grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry any more than you can expect your wife to cook for you every day after you get married.

1, her skin is more fragile than real people, more easily injured, but also relatively clean, can not wear poor quality clothes, otherwise the level of appearance will decline, the skin will be infected with color, although they can recover, but the time is uncertain.

2,Her figure is optimized on the basis of real people, so it is particularly perfect, so it is difficult to buy appropriate clothes.

3,Although she looks like a woman, if you take her out in public, she will be looked at askance, it takes a lot of courage.

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