How to use technology to transform adult toys

In a church in London, 50 young geeks are gathering together to develop sex robots. They test the vibrator effect on each other’s nose, tie the other person to the inflatable doll’s arms and feel the hug, and take apart the various sex dolls under the huge glass window of the church to study the internal structure. The things that this group of people are doing are in stark contrast to the devout words on the stained glass windows: “Christ, you are a glorious king.”

This is the Goldsmiths College of the University of London. The building was once the church of St. James Hachum and was later transformed into the Academy’s “art center”. A community called “Hacker Smith” in the university chose to hold a “hackathons” theme party here. Hackathons, also known as programming marathons, are a new type of activity popular among hackers. Programmers gather with other professionals to brainstorm ideas and work together to develop new projects. The theme of this hackathon is the bloody “sexual technology.”

It is not new to create a satisfactory sex robot as you wish. In the 2008 movie “Reading After Burning”, in order to please his wife, George Clooney spent $100 at the Home Depot supermarket to buy materials to make a funny sex chair. In 2002, a photographer named Timothy Archibald discovered a site where folk inventors gathered to communicate with their own methods of making sex toys. The photographer used this group of people as a film and published an album called “Sex Machines.” The story in the book is wonderful: a retired technician transforms the old-fashioned noodle machine into a powerful sex toy; a brain-savvy person worried that men would become extinct in the future and created a female survivor in advance. A Taiwanese sex prototype; there is also an Idaho cowboy who intends to use his invented machine to give people a premarital experience consultation. These sex machines have something in common: they are all self-made by men, heterosexual users, and most of them are rough, just to modify the household appliances slightly, trying to use the vibration and strength of different frequencies. Take the pleasure. Despite the wisdom and wisdom of the manufacturers, these rough machines are hard to satisfy.

In contrast, the hackathon with its high-tech aura is much better, and the degree of diversity of the group is unquestionable: white heterosexual members account for only a small part of all participants, participants from different races, genders, and sex. Orientation, age and hair color are not the same.

In the welcome speech, Kevin Lewis, the organizer of the event, reminded the participants to pay attention to the correct title of each other when they communicated with each other. In Western society, different sexual orientation groups have their own exclusive pronouns, in addition to ordinary she, he, he, and hit, zir, ze, hey, ey, Peh, fae, etc., so that everyone’s name tag will be marked with the pronoun corresponding to their sexual orientation. Lewis also encourages you to consider three themes while inventing new equipment: intimacy, ease of use, and personalization. He hopes that participants will address issues that have not yet been recognized by mainstream manufacturers, such as sex toys for marginalized minorities and those who cannot enjoy normal sex due to physical defects. Sex toy manufacturers may think that some sex toys are too exaggerated and perverted to produce, and participants are encouraged to consider this part of the demand.

Florence Schutz is one of the participants in the event. She has her own sex science channel on YouTube and is currently building a museum for fundraising. Schutz told reporters that the original intention of participating in the event, some women are plagued by diseases and can not enjoy normal sex, she hopes to create sex toys suitable for these people. “As a woman, we know that these pains really do exist,” she said.

Physical problems should not prevent people from enjoying sex. In the Netherlands, the cost of disabled persons can be reimbursed to the state. The German Green Party also intends to follow suit, hoping to let the poor free. Similarly, the use of technology to bring better sex to humans is not only justified, but also a frontier market to be developed.

Kate Devlin is a senior lecturer in the computer science department at Goldsmiths College. In her speech, she projected a photo of a stone inscription 30,000 years ago on the screen. She is now studying archaeological studies and is now studying the transformation of social and technological interactions and the neglect of sex by society. She has a deep research on sex robots. She connects contemporary sex robots with ancient human sculptures and reveals the hidden connections. She cites the example of Pygmalion in Greek mythology. Pygmalion created an ivory sculpture according to the ideal female image in her heart, and fell in love with it, eventually giving life to the statue through a deep kiss.