Does Sex Doll A Violation of Feminism?

The sex dolls have been in a heated state since they were created, supporters and opponents are in a state of war.Opponents say sex doll is a violation of feminism.But supporters say the growing complexity and lack of communication and trust in modern relationships have led many men to feel lonely and empty, designed for lonely men.There will be adult sex doll designed for lonely women in the future.Do sex dolls a violation of feminism?

The end of the 19th century was the first wave of the women’s liberation movement, the focus of the debate is to require the gender include all of the life course equality between men and women, which is the equality of the sexes, also calls for civil rights and political rights, against aristocratic privilege, polygamy, stressed that men and women in intelligence and ability is no different.The most important goal is to strive for the equality of family labor and social work and political rights. 

sex doll

The second wave of feminism began in the 1960s and 1970s.The second women’s liberation movement was believed to have originated in the United States.The movement continued into the 1980s.The key is to emphasize the nature of the division of labor between the sexes and to eliminate the phenomenon of equal pay for men and women.The requirement to ignore gender differences is seen as the basis for women’s attachment to men in the relationship between the sexes.It requires that the field be open to the public, and so on.

Sex dolls are the epitome of perfect women, and men can get their own adult sex dolls in real life.And the figure of the sex doll does not increase with time, it can maintain a good image of the man.Therefore, in a short period of time, they are warmly welcomed by men.

sex doll

And the lifelike sex doll is not exactly equal to the female, because it has no life, no soul.

The feminist movement has been to increase women’s social status, think women and men enjoy equal rights, feminists have been efforts in this road, and achieved significant results.After the lifelike  sex doll was created, it was found that men compared lifelike sex dolls with women, even to the extent that they did not need women.The feminists felt threatened again.

The invention of e-books does not affect the existence of paper documents, and the appearance of e-commerce does not affect the existence of physical stores.Now do you think that sex doll  a violation of feminism?