Gender relations are plain

In summary, just 3 keywords
1: Sexual value (your face value, figure, dress, and sex harmony, etc.)
2: Economic value (your education, job, income, development space, RV, family, etc.)
3: Emotional value (your temperament, gentle and considerate, kind and sensible, willing to pay for each other, think for each other, do nothing when things go wrong, the two can communicate well. Have spiritual level of communication, interests, hobbies, etc.) Love, at least two harmony. If all three are in harmony, there are other minor issues. Oh my god, is it a perfect match? Stop picking it up. If any 2 are in harmony, 1 is not in harmony. This may be a true portrayal of many couples. Although bumpy, they can go on. But if two of them are not harmonious, it will be a bit difficult. May fall into a state of “frequent quarrel” and finally break up.

Marriage is not all their lives, but each have their own career, hobby, ideal, support each other in such a relationship, even no sex but silicone sex doll both sides to live out the self. In the end, be a better myself. Christopher meng in “intimacy” the answer: “What we need is to encourage us to surpass oneself partner, we are looking for is can stimulate the meaning and direction in life, and when we tested, give us help of interpersonal relationship, which is” soul relations “. Because the real purpose of an intimate relationship, not to give and receive love each other, but is to let you find your real journey, let you know that you are always looking for love.

Another very important advantage of real sex doll love is that it can reduce a person’s loneliness at night. You know, people are most likely to feel lonely at night, especially when the entire glasses, noise, work, and organization of daily life ends. Then, a lonely person often starts thinking, becoming sad, depressed, and unable to find peace. He wasted the empty bed next to him and missed a sweet word or hug while he was asleep.