How do you maintain the joints and face of a real doll?

  1. Joint maintenance of the solid doll:
    The body doll has a built-in metal skeleton, and the range of limb movement is similar to that of a real person. Therefore, the comfortable storage position of the body doll is to lie on its back, so that the joints and the surface of the silicone skin can be relieved, without long-term stretching and tearing, or long-term bending and wrinkling. For example, if a physical doll is kept in a sitting position for a long time, there is a risk that her abdomen will be compressed into horizontal lines. And long-term abnormal storage, will also increase the doll’s internal sponge layer fracture. So it is recommended that when not using the doll into a flat position, with the back of the soft material with no fade pad.
  2. Maintenance of makeup on the face of the physical doll:
    The head model of solid doll is very beautiful, not only mould is exquisite and still undertook later-stage make up to leave the factory, and it is the silicone coating that USES, so facial makeup look won’t fall off easily, just can become light slowly as time just. What should pay attention to is when using and clean do not wipe face forcibly, the force that pays attention to wipe is not too big, too big conference causes makeup look to drop color and eyelash to fall off because it is very difficult to repair.
    Can use general female cosmetic to make up of entity doll, wait like lipstick, cheek red, eye shadow, notice not to use the oily ointment class of stickiness, because can be more difficult to wash. And discharge makeup when can use soap water, discharge makeup fluid to wait to wipe gently can not exert oneself too much.

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