Five bad habits make men impotent

Men don’t care about small things. Some things in life can be lazy, such as getting up late, eating breakfast before brushing their teeth, going home late, falling asleep when they are too tired, etc. these seemingly insignificant things are actually healthy “invisible killers”, which are easy to cause impotence, can directly and indirectly affect sexual life. so what other bad habits of men must be changed?

1,Men who don’t like brushing their teeth are prone to impotence

“As far as we know, erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontal disease are caused by similar factors, such as aging, smoking, diabetes and coronary artery disease,” the expert said. In this study, we excluded men and smokers with systemic diseases. We specifically selected men aged 30 to 40 as participants to assess the effect of chronic periodontal disease on erectile dysfunction without aging. Our findings support the theory that chronic periodontal disease is more common in men with erectile dysfunction and should be a reference factor for doctors to treat erectile problems. “

2,Smokers are prone to impotence

Medical researchers from 8367 Australian men to answer the questionnaire found that men who smoke more than one pack a day are nearly 40% more likely to suffer from impotence (ED) than non-smoking men. The respondents were from all walks of life, ranging in age from 16 to 59. Nearly 10% of the men surveyed had sexual dysfunction, with the largest proportion of smokers. According to the survey, men who smoke no more than 20 cigarettes a day are 24% more likely to have sexual dysfunction than men who don’t smoke. Men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day are 39% more likely to have sexual dysfunction than men who don’t smoke. Sexual dysfunction is defined here as penile erectile insufficiency, and continued impotence for at least one month in the previous year. The study also found that old age and heart and blood circulation problems were directly related to the increased rate of impotence. But moderate drinking (one drink a day) can greatly reduce the risk of impotence. You can also use sex toy and sex doll to improve your sex life.

3,Sexual activity is too frequent are prone to impotence

This is the most common among young people. Young people have a strong demand for sexual desire. When they have just learned to masturbate or started to have sex, they often don’t know how to control, masturbate excessively or have sex excessively, and overdraw their health indefinitely. Days of masturbation or sexual life, not exhausted do not want to rest. In the case of such frequent masturbation or sexual life, the sexual system and organs are in the state of overload for a long time, resulting in the overload of the sexual system, long-term congestion of the sexual organs, and insufficient rest and recovery time. In the long run, the overburdened sexual system appears dysfunction, erectile function is inhibited and closed, resulting in impotence.

4,People who often stay up late are prone to impotent

Sleep is very important for everyone. It can make the organs of human body rest fully after being tired. If sleep is not good, it can be manifested as discomfort of all organs, male sexual dysfunction, impotence and so on. Staying up late for a long time will cause imbalance of yin and Yang and damage of Yang Qi. Therefore, every male friend who takes good care of his body should follow the natural law. He should go to sleep before 11 o’clock at night and get up at dawn. Night is the best time for detoxification, so he should try to avoid staying up late. Too many men are prone to impotence because alcohol can make the prostate congested, so men who often drink alcohol are most likely to suffer from prostatitis, and prostatitis will squeeze the urethra, which forms symptoms such as urine waiting, endless urine, and prostatitis itself is also easy to cause impotence, therefore, men who have too much entertainment and often drink alcohol face the dual threat of impotence, premature ejaculation and prostatitis. Want to stay away from impotence should start from their own, to stay away from those bad habits of life.