Can you identify the quality of a doll? four steps teach you to identify the quality of a sex doll

Discern “sex doll”, Now the sex doll market is a mixture of all grades of products, and the product quality is uneven. Most of the dolls on the market are made of TPE materials. However, it is not that the dolls with TPE name are all high-quality dolls. If you come into contact with dolls in exhibitions or stores, a practical way to identify the quality of dolls will be taught. The identification and summary of doll quality can be divided into four steps: look, smell, ask and cut.

Look, A doll can attract people close to, face and figure is the most intuitive embodiment. In addition to the factors of makeup, facial expression is the most important. The so-called look, to see whether the five features are coordinated, whether the expression is natural. In terms of stature, it’s not necessary to have the same big chest, snake’s waist and buttocks. Different types of dolls have the most appropriate proportion of their own stature. The key is to coordinate the proportion of their own stature.

In terms of details, first, look at the location of the split line on the side of the doll. In the production process, this is the mold closing line of the doll. If not handled, it will seriously affect the beauty of the doll, so it needs to be repaired manually in the later stage. The second is to see whether there are traces of bubbles on the surface of the doll, because bubbles may occur during the injection molding process of the doll, which may affect the beauty, and also need to be repaired manually. A good quality doll can’t see the trace of repair. In fact, the first impression of the buyer on the product depends on the manufacturer’s attitude towards their own products.

Smell, If you smell the pungent fragrance nearby, the sex doll must have added essence in the production process. The essence of dolls can not only taste bad, but also cause serious harm to human respiratory tract, skin and sexual organs. If you smell the glue, don’t feel normal. The doll with glue will also make people feel nauseous and vomiting, and harm the doll with fragrance. We don’t add flavors to our dream dolls, only a small amount of touch powder. This is the product standard for good quality dolls.

Ask the staff about the aging performance of the dolls and whether the products will fade? Will it turn yellow? Will it crack? Good quality dolls will not have the above problems. If the staff are vague or boastful, people should think twice before buying.

Cut, The skin feels rough and hard to press. This kind of doll will seriously affect the use effect and make the consumer experience the real touch. Moderate softness, flexibility, human like touch is what a good doll should have. Some buyers only value the price of dolls, but ignore the quality and details of dolls.

You bought a poor quality doll for a cheap price, not only the experience effect is poor, but also in less than a few months, there are many parts cracked, the skeleton is loose, yellow and faded, and other irreparable damage. This not only wastes his time and money, but also mistakenly believes that all dolls are of this kind, which makes him lose the “sexual interest” of experience to the entity dolls.

In fact, the concept of consumers needs to be changed. The real entity doll is a noble work of art. Her mission is to make people happy, satisfied and comfortable. As the saying goes, “every penny, every product”. Using good quality dolls can not only effectively exercise their sexual ability, but also be responsible for their health. For enterprises, a responsible enterprise is always strict with its own products. The way out is to pursue quality and innovation. And those who muddle along, mercenary or even adulterate the fake enterprises are doomed to be eliminated.

Generally speaking, the quality of entity dolls is a kind of intuitive attitude of manufacturers to consumers.