Bring sex dolls and virtual worlds with VR

Both sexes and high technology are a strange combination. Starting today, they provide so-called “virtual communication with real people” by using virtual reality (VR) devices and networked sex toys, referred to as VIRP (Virtual Intercourse with Real People).

The actors on the adult website use a Wi-Fi vibrator to connect to the “male masturbation device” owned by the paying viewer. Everything that the vibrator feels will be sent to the masturbation device as “stress data”, mimicking the feeling of gender communication. This technology, known as Teledildonics, has matured. But the company has also added new options to put these masturbators in life-size sex dolls, immersing users in the virtual world built by VR devices. The combination of all these elements can bring “the ultimate sensory experience, mimicking the interactions in real life.”

But considering the sex toy manufacturer, selling its doll products for thousands of dollars, it is still doubtful how many people will try the full VIRP experience at first. Users also need to spend $99 to buy the only male masturbation device that supports this feature, as well as a set of VR devices, but cheap devices like Google Cardboard can do the job.

According to the email, sex dolls and VR devices are not required. Only about 30% of the company’s more than 300 network anchors have the required Wi-Fi vibrators. However, he said, users definitely want to try this (fresh) experience, just buy a cheap male masturbation device. “We know there will be audiences, because we get feedback from both the audience and the anchor, they are looking for a more intimate and more physical interaction.” Parker also said, “There are many company employees, test users and anchors. I tried this experience, and all of them were convinced by this interactive function.”

Some news photos are provided to judge that this experience may not be as natural as Parker described. But it also depends on the user’s level of interest in the comfort and experience of the item. CamSoda said they are also developing a version for female users.

As for this technology, from the perspective of most people, whether it will be strange and more exhaustive, Parker is optimistic about the future. “Fiveteen years ago, people generally thought that mobile phones were very strange and unnecessary. What is it today? Although people may hesitate at first, I hope people will acquiesce in this technology and realize its essence – a Excellent and able to satisfy people’s deepest desires.” VR gender communication with remote control of inflatable dolls may be as popular as smartphones in the future, everywhere. No one can say this.