Analysis of adult product consumer population

  1. Customer analysis of adult products

Ordinary people: generally buy condoms, test papers, birth control pills, and other family planning supplies, and occasionally buy some sex toys such as jumping eggs. This kind of population is relatively small, because most people generally choose to go to a drug store;

Married people whose husband and wife’s life is not harmonious: Generally, they will buy some flirting equipment and aphrodisiac or flirting products. This part of the population is relatively large;

Singles or spouses who haven’t been around for a long time: Those who are single or spouse who is not around for various reasons will go to the store to buy men’s or women’s masturbation equipment, and there are many of them;

People who are open to sex: This group of people can undoubtedly be more open because they go out to play. This type of customer can be called the gold customer of adult product stores. They always choose novel products. Of course, some help sex Products are often their must-have;

People who buy adult products for lovers: Some people will buy erotic lingerie or some high-end appliances and give them as gifts.

  1. The target group of male adult products

Men’s external delay products soared by 125% last quarter, of which men accounted for 89.55%.

Young people in their 20s and 30s are energetic, and the products they need are mainly focused on novel products. The mainstream people are 30-39-year-old men who need help products, followed by 40-49-year-old men, and over 50. On the contrary, there are almost no males. There is almost no sexual activity in this age group, or for people of this age, they are still used to looking for “tiger oil” in street shops, and the probability of surfing the Internet may be Lower.

  1. The target group of female adult products

The attention of female masturbation devices increased by 13% in the last quarter. In terms of gender ratio, female followers of female masturbators accounted for 41.71% and males accounted for 58.29%;

In terms of age distribution, 20–29 years are the oldest, and the proportion of people over 30 and under 20 is equal. That is to say, women who play female appliances are mainly under 30 years old, and the difference between men and women is only less than 17%.

  1. Occupation distribution of the target population

The first place in the occupational distribution is IT practitioners. This makes sense, after all, it is too convenient to access the Internet. The second place is in education and students. Third, the real estate industry. The fourth place is government civil servants and public utility practitioners. After all, this type of person has plenty of time and money. It is recommended that merchants explore this consumer group in depth. In summary, as long as it follows the development of the market and the characteristics of the audience The profit of this industry is especially objective.

Experts from the Health Care Professional Committee, when analyzing consumer groups, believe that there are several major changes in the market:

  1. Increase in sex entertainment

In recent years, the trend of the aging of adult products has become obvious, and the popularity of the Internet has provided great convenience for the dissemination of sexual knowledge and skills. Adult products are no longer mysterious, and the youth purchase group has become larger. To express their sexual culture.

  1. More people are pursuing self-character

This group has a wide age range, from people in love and courtship to married or single men or women. With the opening of society, people’s self-image consciousness has become strong, and people have considerable demand for products such as sexy lingerie that increase women’s charm.

  1. Increase in female consumption

In the past, when talking about adult sex products, it was often men. In recent years, women have become the fastest-growing consumer group. Single women, especially white-collar workers, are pursuing self-improvement and are unwilling to accept unsafe sex. In turn, the demand for masturbation products has increased.

  1. The large market for middle-aged aphrodisiacs

In modern society, the work is intense and the pace of life is fast. Some middle-aged men have a sexual crisis after the age of 40. These people are also the group with the greatest purchasing power.