6 tips to enhance your erotic mood

1. Enhance olfactory stimulation to spouse, Both men and women are extremely sensitive to the response to olfactory stimulation, especially in sexual life. Do not let unpleasant smell lose their sex. This trait can be used. Proper spraying of perfume which is not very strong but very warm and attractive can help a spouse to dream of it, which is bound to benefit the emotional communication and close relationship between the two people.

2. Pay attention to self image and appearance modification, Many couples who have been married for many years don’t pay much attention to dressing up to attract each other. The shortcomings that are not easy to be found before will be presented without reservation, and it is easy to lose the freshness and expectation for each other. This is a huge potential crisis in a harmonious couple’s life, which will be dull in the long run. Therefore, after marriage, we should pay more attention to the appearance, moderate decoration, and show all kinds of amorous feelings from time to time, and the dressing in the “bed” should not be hasty. You can add fun with sex dolls and sex toys

3. All around physical intimacy, Whether it’s nestling in each other’s arms or embracing boldly, it’s a good way to flirt, let your spouse have the desire to conquer and occupy you, so as to increase each other’s desire. Of course, body contact should include all parts of the body, such as the head, hands, legs, feet, etc. you may find your partner’s “sexual” sensitive points in an unexpected place to stimulate the other party’s greater “sexual” passion.

4. Adjustment of mentality, In daily life, husband and wife should keep cheerful, broad-minded, and maintain a certain sense of humor, rather than mental depression, close themselves. Communicate with each other more, improve understanding and love, so as to establish more fun in life.

5. Slow wins fast, With the maturity of men, the rhythm of sexual excitement and the speed of sexual intercourse gradually slowed down, and the time to reach orgasm also extended. On the surface, this kind of change seems to reduce the sexual ability, but in fact, it makes the process of sexual excitement between men and their wives closer, and it is easy to synchronize the sexual feelings of husband and wife. This kind of emotional slow motion is more attractive to the wife, and it is easier to burn the enthusiasm of the wife, which can make the man feel the great happiness after bringing pleasure to the other party.

6. The beneficial attempt and exploration of sexual skill, Most couples may only take one or two fixed positions to have sex for a long time. Men are always the active ones, which is easy to cause a lack of feeling in the long run. Therefore, women can be used in the upper position, the back position and the side position, so that the wife can try to be the active one, and both sides are more likely to achieve satisfaction; change the place of sexual intercourse, consciously share the room in the living room, sofa, carpet or hotel; short-term The separation of husband and wife can also achieve the effect of xiaobiesheng newlywed.