Will sex dolls and sex robots cause serious social problems?

The anthropomorphic dolls for women and girls have become more and more commercial.Since women and girls suffer from severe sexual violence, the addition of dolls normalizes a culture in which the female body is considered a male property.

Because sex dolls are made of silicone, they are not real, they will not be harmed, neither psychologically nor physically. Although we are talking about dolls, the male isolation we know is sure to coincide with the prosperous commercial prostitution, pornography and child sexual exploitation culture. It is such a simulated solid sex doll that does not reduce this world problem. Instead, it blocks the communication between humans.

Especially the emergence of sex doll brothels, society allows pornography and prostitution to happen, we need more norms. The objectification and commercialization of women’s images is undoubtedly the consumption of women’s bodies. All child sex dolls reinforce the lack of empathy for pedophiles because he is doing what he wants to do with the doll. The real problem is that he has no empathy. If this desire is rape, then yes, it is important to have no such desire. So the use of life-size sex dolls / robot masturbation will strengthen the culture of rape.