Why It Arouse The Controversary about The Sex Doll?

In the earlier time, sex dolls suppliers focus on the lonely guys as the primary consumers. Past decades, the selling figures tell us inversely, more and more married men jump into the doll’s world. We are hoping to talk about and learn more about their motives.

sexrealdoll-love doll

Ten men we invited are not the indecent stereotypes. Some felt shy and slightly nervous. All of them are well graduated from the great colleges. They are gentle, clean and rich of knowledge. Eight married and the other two are in a long-term relationship.

When we asked the attitudes about buying a sex doll. Over half felt intense guilt and shame if family and friends or neighborhood discover the nude doll in the bedroom. You know the sex doll is super like a real woman. Think about what do you feel when seeing a nude woman. Shocking, embarrassed, alarming. What is your maximum acceptability of the sex doll?

sexrealdoll-realistic sex doll

All the respondents confess that there is nothing wrong to have a sex doll. Just like a real woman, the sex doll is under controversy caused by the realistic nude body and exposed sexual organs. All of these is like the woman in the porn, so real, so unsafe to the minor. While as a normal people, who dare to go out with an undressed doll against the public scrutiny?

Unless you don’t want me to get pleasure, you have no right to stop the steps to the love doll world.