Doctor’s wife died, million yuan to buy sex dolls to send thoughts

His love

The wife was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, and he found a few suitable candidates for him before he died. He refused one by one.

He said, “I can still buy a sex doll as you.”

The wife was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and the cancer cells have spread rapidly. At that moment, when he was a doctor for a lifetime, he was very self-blaming. “Showing others a lifetime of illness, but I can’t do anything about her illness.” He wiped the tears in his eyes with his hand, and one hand didn’t know where to put it. Only one foot shivered slightly.

Before the wife left, I hope he can find another wife to spend his old age, and even think of a few suitable candidates for him. However, he refused one by one. “I am okay, able to take care of myself, I can also buy a fake doll as you.” He replied half-jokingly. The wife’s words said: “A lot of people say that after they leave, they have to drink the ecstasy soup on the way to the underworld, forget about the past, and I will definitely not drink when I am, I will remember you, I will come to you to be a husband and wife in the next life. He told his wife: “I will not drink in the future.”

The wife’s casket has been placed at home and surrounded by various small gifts. “I don’t want her to drift outside, I want to see her every day”

His home, when he entered the door, saw his wife’s spiritual position. On the other side of the sofa, there is a fake doll in a red coat. The red coat is the one that my wife liked before his death. On the wall of the house, there are some decorations such as colored strips of paper, which was the arrangement of his last birthday to his wife last year. This is also the first time that a foreigner has participated in a more beautiful birthday. He said that the couple originally liked some elegant decorations, which were specially prepared for the wife’s life. “There was no further removal. I want to keep the festive atmosphere at that time and never gave her a birthday. The second and last time.”

“I don’t want her to drift outside. I want her to live with me at home. I want to see her every day.” He said, so they are still husband and wife, and they will walk together for the rest of the day, “Photos and ashes. It is her soul, and the fake doll is her body.”

“You watched a lot of health things on TV. You didn’t pay attention to it before.”… Today, he talks to the sex dolls he buys every day, recalling the days he and his wife have, and their recent changes, “Look It’s like seeing a sex doll.”

During the day, he will put it on the sofa in the living room. In the evening, the sex doll will be placed on the bed where the wife used to sleep, sleeping in peace.