Why are sexy real dolls so popular?

How many times have you tried to behave sexually badly with your partner just to be aware of it? Sounds familiar? And you didn’t want to play a sex game without your consent! With a hot sex doll, you no longer have to worry. Why are sexy real dolls so popular? One of the reasons why sex dolls grew up in the adult toy industry is the way they are made. They are designed to satisfy you and take care of all the sexual needs you have.

Over the years, the sex doll has come a long way. In the past, manufacturers used this with very stiff materials and did not bring the real humanism sensitivity to the adult silicone doll. The craft was great and you could swim and sleep with the life size sex doll, but to be honest it wasn’t very satisfying. Thanks to the advancement of technology and advanced techniques, the use of the same material has brought the hottest silicone doll for adults.

Some of them have a real feeling, the skin is so soft and tender that it can be touched and felt, or a real hardon. depending on the gender of the perfect doll you want to buy. These days, sex dolls come in all shapes and sizes to suit your budget needs. From overcrowded silicone models to cheaper vinyl versions and more, you’ll find a selection of sex dolls that are so realistic and easy to carry. You will find the right technique with practice, but you will be shocked by the weight of your doll first.

real doll

Think about the weight before you buy your real doll. Lifting a 50 kg person is easy, lifting a 30 kg doll is much more difficult. This is due to the “empty weight”. When you hold a person in your hand, that person helps with your body so that you can carry it easily and comfortably. A perfect doll doesn’t do that at all. It takes a while to get used to lifting and carrying a doll. Many new doll owners regret their purchase and sell their dolls in the first week simply because they cannot stand their own weight.