Whether sexual robots will bring an era of violence

The robot slowly takes over the work and roles of human beings.

Driven by the sex robot industry, robotics is becoming more and more perfect for human simulation. The latest models claim to be able to breathe, walk, talk and even blink. It is precisely because many people are eagerly awaiting sexual robots, but also let people seriously discuss the rights of robots. Although people show obvious dissatisfaction with the robotic automatic takeover, this power is not enough to promote private security.

According to experts, gender-based violence is likely to increase as robotics advances and produces more realistic sex dolls and realistic robots.

Several years ago, violence against sexual robots and robots included incidents such as beheadings and maiming. These actions will undoubtedly encourage the use of invasive robots to fuel their violence.

And research shows that men who are victims of violent pornography are more likely to commit violence against women in their lives.Descriptive violence in pornography can exacerbate the aggressiveness of viewer behavior.

Although it is called a sex robot, sex doll is only part of it. Al advanced sex robots, the cost is still an important reason for consumers to be discouraged. For example, the robot Sofia, in addition to the tiny flaws, can And an important step is to make the robot have its own thought, which is why many people worry that robots will destroy human beings.