Why female sex dolls are more popular than male sex dolls

Who would spend $1,000 on a virtual girlfriend and what is the buyer’s mindset? Why is the basic male doll $1,00 higher than the female doll? Why are the choice of male dolls so much smaller than female sex dolls? Let’s find out.

“The first reason is that in reality, women are more shy about sex and more conservative in physiological expression than men.(PS: if you want to buy a male silicone doll or a female doll, please click to “sexrealdoll“). “The second reason is that the doll is much more realistic because it relies on gold skeleton and silicone material, so it is very heavy and difficult for women to use. So it’s usually a male buyer who can use it more easily. For men, the national norm is to find a sex worker for $150 a time (an average figure, if you go to a high-end club the fee will higher), buy a doll and find a sex worker for about 10 times, but actually having a sex doll for 10 times is too cheap.”

“But if a man has the time he can find and have a girlfriend, if he only wants a sexual partner, the price for the average person I think most people might as well…” T: “two questions, health and marriage!” “We are not allowed to disclose specific sales figures. In the 10 years since sex dolls were introduced to China, there were only four from the us, and I was probably dealing with more visitors than buyers.”(in 10 years, culture has opened up, the economy has improved, and more people have begun to have the most revealing choice about the source of love.)

“And the recent sales are kind of unimaginable. The more interesting data is that sexrealdoll’s pricing is determined by its craftsmanship, and this high positioning has led to a fantastic change in our user base.” Some people are willing to trade through the net shopping.”I found sexrealdoll online, which has a lot of different styles of sex dolls,” and some people were invited to the factory store to select, customize and buy them. Through the interview, the author was surprised to find that “the majority of people who buy sex dolls are married.”About 10 percent of the 300 to 400 dolls manufactured in U.S. factories a year go to female buyers, while male doll buyers are more likely to be male.

“Maybe a lot of unmarried people don’t realize how boring life is after marriage. Perhaps you boast that you can find true love, love a lifetime without negative. But daily life after marriage, emotional life, sex is a completely different field, and the hardest to satisfy is sex.”

“I’m in an age group where you can’t imagine the number of people who are still concerned about premarital sex, and the fact is that many of our elders and even peers are willing to stick to such physical fidelity. It’s a personal choice. There’s no right or wrong. But, often with the passing of time, sexual satisfaction can really become a threshold for married people.

The fact that many couples order dolls together does not mean that their partner is so lonely or has a serious medical problem that they need to buy dolls to satisfy their sexual fantasies.”

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