Sexual foreplay is an indispensable part of sexual life

As the name suggests, foreplay is game. Foreplay is of course very important, such as using hands to help the other party adapt slowly. Therefore, foreplay is indispensable in sex life. Love, hugging, caressing, teasing, and kissing are indispensable actions before sex, because sex life is the combination of husband and wife on psychology, emotion and physiology. So there must be enough foreplay to experience a pleasant sex life and even a wonderful orgasm. So how can we do a good job in the foreplay of sex life?

Sexual foreplay should do these things
1. Focus on sensitive areas. Gently kiss the inner edge of each other’s ears with the tip of your tongue, which is very provocative. Roll up the tip of the tongue, insert it into the deepest part of the other’s ear, and quickly stretch it in and out, imitating the pumping movement during sexual intercourse, which can often arouse women’s sexual desire. Finally, blowing gently into a woman’s ear can also comfort a woman. Bite the neck, the muscles and muscles on both sides of the neck are sensitive. Many women react immediately when they stretch their shoulder muscles after being lightly bitten by a man or having their ears massaged. Touching the armpits, many women’s secret erogenous areas are under the armpits, massaging or kissing or gently biting the armpits, along the outer and downward sides of the armpits, can often stimulate women’s sexual desire and produce a response.

You can use your fingers to help her get used to it: Try slowly touching your fingers around the vagina, such as the labia and labia, and gently rubbing the surrounding skin. Explore that small but amazing place – the clitoris. With more than 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is a very sensitive area. Less than a quarter of women can orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, but most women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation. Also try entering her vagina with one or two fingers and let the vagina get used to it.

Two, tender kisses. Kissing is the most basic and direct act of expressing love between men and women. Before sex, hug the lover tightly and kiss coldly on the vermilion lips. The breath of the two suddenly connects, and the love for each other is self-evident. This affectionate kiss always makes people swoon. Tongue-to-tongue contact kisses, where lovers throw their wet tongues into each other’s mouths, French kissing requires mouth-to-mouth, each other’s mouths open, and tongues protruding into each other’s mouths. French kissing is always gentle and spontaneous, elegant and romantic.

3. Advance in a roundabout way. Even if the man has already made great strides, the woman should not immediately attack the key parts. Men’s glans, scrotum and perineum are very sensitive, overstimulated, afraid of early ejaculation, women are not yet hot.

When intimacy, use the following sex products to complete the natural love:

Condoms: easy to use, no side effects, the success rate of contraception is generally 97%, and it is also helpful for preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex toys: vibrators, massage sticks, penis shrinking balls, male masturbator TPE sex doll or lifelike female torsos, etc., can increase the changes in the boudoir, inject new stimuli, improve the quality of married life, and make the couple’s expectations reach a perfect climax.

Sexual foreplay is an indispensable part of sexual life, good sexual foreplay is the prelude to sexual life, a good start is half the battle, so we must pay attention to sexual foreplay.