10 reasons why sex dolls are better than girlfriends

Below say for you about, cummer is inferior sex doll ten reasons!

See the whole process of opening the package of sex doll, beautiful beautiful, lovely and attractive, I suddenly thought of a problem, its girlfriend as sex doll ten reasons to find a girlfriend is really not as good as to buy a sex doll, the reasons are as follows:

1,It’s very cheap. Find a cummer it is to flow water investment, the uncertainty of investment amount, often and persistence were doomed to want to be compared to buy a sex doll expensive much, buy sex doll only one-time investment can.

2, very obedient. The cummer is apt to hair a temper, that can not coax, a day to night make break up, depressed dead, and sex doll is otherwise.

3,You can meet your physiological needs at any time. Girl friend often make mood, plus every month total have a few in uncomfortable day, make the man is eager and cannot reach, inflatable doll is not the same, can satisfy physiological demand at any time.

4,Easy to carry. Business trip or travel, not convenient to take girlfriend, but it is convenient to take sex doll.

5, men should have a sense of responsibility, the girlfriend is pregnant to be responsible, and buy a sex doll will not have these accidents.

6, most men have a fear of marriage, enjoy the love life, but afraid of carrying the burden of family, buy a sex doll can enjoy life without getting married.

7, with the loss of time girlfriend will slowly old, inflatable dolls can be a long time to maintain young beautiful appearance.

8, buy a sex doll don’t worry about night, and night if found by your girlfriend will interrogated you for half a day.

9, if the two sides of the conflict and dispute, the girlfriend will swear, or even a big hand, and sex doll is not scold back, hit back.

10,The consequences of breaking up with your girlfriend are serious, and sex dolls can be replaced at any time.

These are ten reasons why sex dolls are better than girl friends,do you agree?