What Does Sex Doll Expect From Human?

Any relationship is caused by the mutual initiative intimacy in emotion and activities. Couples are tied together with the commitment and attachment. It is widely known that humans are striving to make a stronger human-like sex doll to meet their requirement for a perfect partner character. Then, in turn, the life like sex doll also look forward something from humans. You must feel funny, how does a sex doll without life and emotion have the requirements to human? Let us find out the answer in the following words. Keep reading.

1 Never expose in the direct sunlight
It requires being treated carefully. The flimsy and sensitive skin should be away from sun exposure. The dust will adhere to the skin in frequent and prolonged sun exposure. Which service life will be influenced.

2 Never use sharp items
You have to know the cracks is not easy to be repaired. Any sharp items will be a big threat for realistic sex doll.
3 Never touch discolored items
You can’t believe how difficult to wipe out the marks once the sex doll body was discolored. Take care, don’t make yourself in big trouble.

4 Never stay long in one position
The soft TPE body will be slightly deformed under the gravity stress. In order not to affect the perfect figure size, you should make a good storage condition.
5 Never overbend the body joint
Similar to the real human, the joints of life like sex doll has a limited move range. Don’t try to force your sexy sex doll to perform Yoga.

6. Keep regular cleanness
After each usage, you have to clean the genitals or mouth if necessary. Otherwise, they can grow bacteria. You’d better get thoroughly cleaned at a certain period 20-30days.
7. Never share sex doll with others
You’d better not share your sex doll with others to prevent STDs.