What can artificial intelligence robots do for intimacy?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing, and intimacy and sex can be one of the important areas. Some new advanced technologies increase the possibility of human and robotic love doll interaction.

The robot includes all virtual, contained and enhanced artificial color agents and the technology that produces them. The definition includes, but is not limited to, prototypes of sex robots, virtual or augmented pornographic characters, applications for artificial partners, and porn chat robots.

Not only applied to solid sex doll, but also to manifest themselves through various interfaces of virtual devices such as mobile phones, computers and game consoles in the future. They will take many forms and formulate unlimited behaviors in the simulated world. The ability to think and learn in fundamentally different ways from humans will be widely used in new types of intimate relationships. Love will be redefined.

There are also service robots that can help find you a partner, or for medical and therapeutic environments. Helps resolve fears and anxieties associated with intimacy.

The harmonious appearance reflects the general stereotypes of female beauty, such as large breasts and small waistline. This stereotype of what a physically attractive woman should look like is dangerous. Studies have shown that media’s excessive gender portrayal of women is linked to sexual harassment and increased violence against women.