The sex doll development history

The society is developing continuously, and various new kinds of objects are attracting people’s eyes. In recent years, real doll have gradually entered people’s perspective. Today we’re going to cover the interesting history of the sex doll.

As we all know, at the beginning there was no entity doll, but first inflatable doll, and real sex doll is by inflatable doll innovation, development. The earliest inflatable dolls, invented in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s, were primarily used in the military.

When world war ii, Hitler in order to prevent German soldiers and occupation of the 5 “by the origin” line of women, eliminate venereal disease spread in Nazi army commander told Himmler, secretly developing a similar and female physiological structure of inflatable dolls, to the germans emergencies, this is the reason why inflatable doll come to this world the first.

sex doll

Hitler was so concerned about it that he made a very specific request for the inflatable doll: “she must have all the sexy looks of a young woman.” As a result of this kind of inflatable doll cost is low, one cent price one cent goods, product effect also makes a person satisfied impossibly, and the body and facial ministry some place still have edge and corner, feel odd poor, joint bends to still can appear serious deformation.

In the 21st century, simulation dolls, which we call realistic sex dolls, not only feel like skin, but also have flexible limbs and can be put into various attractive poses, but also have solid structure and good durability. People no longer need to worry about, now the entity sex doll has basically realized the ideal, the product not only texture is close to the real person’s skin, and the sense of touch is almost genuine.